Vibrational Review: Tapping Into Abundance By Carol Look (MindValley product)

vibrational review tapping into abundance carol look mind valley empowermentTapping Into Abundance By Carol Look And Tapping – A vibrational review

I am working on an abundance activator, and therefore I am very interested in anything that is happening in that topic.

I didn’t buy the 195 dollar product, so I am only able to provide my thoughts and my muscle testing results.

Carol Look personal vibration: 190
she secretly doesn’t believe in what she does, she secretly fears that she is a fake. Reason? her own changes are not conclusive, in fact they are hardly any.

She teamed up with MindValley (just like Christie Marie Sheldon) because the MindValley people are excellent marketers.

Just like any method, tapping produces some results, under 1% of the people that tap actually get the results they are tapping for.

Does the process raise your consciousness? No. Why? Because tapping is a mechanical process. You can do it without any transformation, without any rise in your consciousness.

Why are there any results if it doesn’t work? Because of a simple reason: If you put your search light on an area of life that you aren’t dealing with, the sudden awareness moves you into action. No mind shift is required, it is just a natural phenomenon.

In my latest course we are listing a bunch of complaints we have. One of my complaints was the state of my apartment: disorganized, cluttered, and hard to clean.

Just by looking at it, I found myself throwing stuff out, reorganizing, and cleaning a bit under the moved furniture.

Did you notice any mind shift? There was none. Try it out, put your attention to a complaint you have, one where you can see that you could do something about it. Watch as suddenly you will start to do something about it.

But what about beliefs? Can tapping change beliefs? No. Just like Theta Healing Technique cannot change beliefs, tapping can’t.

Is there anything that can change beliefs? Yes. I have found one method that probably does, but the results aren’t coming from the belief change.

The results come from a much more conscious level: aligning yourself with a different picture of you. When your self-image changes, you are willing to do things that previously you weren’t willing. And the willingness produces results that previously thought impossible.

That new result either changes your beliefs or not, and that is my point. Beliefs are a thin coating for doubt.

I once read a very empowering statement: heroes are ordinary people empowered.

The real question is: what are the methods that can empower you to go beyond your beliefs and do something unimaginable without the empowerment.

And just like you need to eat every day, the food you ate yesterday will not nourish you today, yesterday’s empowerment won’t work for today, you need to learn self-empowerment methods if you want to be a consistent producer, if you want to raise your vibration.

I am not interested in 1% results, and I am not interested in raving testimonials within a week of a course. I am interested in teaching people self-empowerment, and I am interested that they own the methods and never think of acknowledging me, they just grow and become and expanding human being, happy, satisfied, fulfilled, with abundance.

No single magical technique will produce that result.

The path I see for lasting transformation has steps that cannot be skipped

1. taking a hard look at what is so about you and your life
2. uncovering the hidden layers of your machine, its motivation, its moves, and how you, unwittingly help the machine to keep you small, miserable, and the same.
3. when step 1 and 2 are reasonably done, we build your self-empowering methods, which are fun, and versatile. And as long as you remember to use them, they work, and work, and work.

This is how I got myself from 150 to 990 on the vibrational scale. I took long breaks, 4-5 years occasionally, including the time when I had my brain damage.

You can do what I did, I am teaching the methods I have been using and perfecting over the years. They work. My classes produce 30-70% results. Why not 100%? Mostly because people quit before they are done…

You need to hang in there, and most people don’t.

Do recording produce the same results as live classes?

Unfortunately the recordings are like your tooth brush: unless you use them they don’t do anything. People need to be self-motivated, self-starters if they choose the recordings route. Chances are that you aren’t. I must confess: I buy a lot of stuff, and don’t complete more than maybe 10-25 percent of them. I do much better in live classes. Just the thought that the leader knows I am there gives me the energy to follow through and get things done. I also like to shine, and when you are on your own, there is no one to shine for… got it? A big motivation is lacking when I have only my computer and videos.

All in all, my truth value for this “Tapping into Abundance” product is 190/1000

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