Vibrational Reviews: Eli Jaxon-Bear, Enneagram, Andrew Cohen, Papaji, and Ken Wilber

Eli Jaxon-Bear personal vibration: 90; teaching: 200. 80% speaks from the mind.
Enneagram of Personality: truth value: 100

Andrew Cohen, a spiritual teacher and student of. Notes: speaks from the mind. Not from the silence. Personal vibration: 130, teachings: 300. 70% speaks from the mind. I don’t know him well enough to know why his vibration is so much under the level of his teaching, but saw, glimpses, that he is running something akin a cult…

Sri H.W.L. Poonja, also known as Papaji or Poonjaji: 60% speaks from the mind…

Ken Wilber personal vibration: 200. 90% speaks from the mind.
teaching: tree of knowledge. vibration/truth value: 200

The lower the number of “speaks from the mind” the more of you is able to connect to all-of-it. When that number goes under 50, we are talking about a real connected speaking. Living on that level is what we would call an enlightened, connected life.

Ken Wilber and Andrew Cohen on Love

2 Replies to “Vibrational Reviews: Eli Jaxon-Bear, Enneagram, Andrew Cohen, Papaji, and Ken Wilber”

  1. I write these reviews when someone wants to find out something about a guru.

    the previous review requester wrote:

    Hi Sophie,
    I am very grateful you did the review on Gangagi so promptly. I am not one of her followers, but know some people who have done workshops/satsang with her and were very impressed, Watching her on u-tube I was really wondering as I felt attracted to her and at the same time I did notice her breathy voice and permanent smile. I didn’t know what to make of it. I certainly felt a lot more attracted to her than to Adyashanti. Anyway looks like I still have a mighty long way to go before I can tell truth from fiction….lol.
    ….and please don’t ever become a money making guru! I am so glad you are here growing with us!
    Thanks again for your quick response,

    And I want to talk about that on this post, because what I want to say happened while I was researching the people in this review:

    I was attracted by Andrew Cohen. I felt him authentic, speaking from that space of silence. Speaking from an authentic experience. I assumed that it would mean a very high vibration.

    Then I measured it, from the silence, and he came up very short of high vibration. WTF, right?

    People that feel very high vibration but aren’t are dangerous… I think. They take you along for a ride, but are, possibly, abusive, manipulative, or seeking benefits from you: power, funds, devotion, maybe favors.

    It turns out that Andrew Cohen does manifest all those “treats” and those come not from the pure place he spoke when I was so taken by him, but a different one.

    It is almost impossible to know someone’s vibration by just listening to them, reading them, or watching them. There are 24 hours in a day… and your vibration can be situational.

    Sai Maa has a vibration of 400~500 when she runs an event, and around 200 when she is just a woman… I am talking about her, because I know her personally.

    Same could be said about a lot of people. The guru I listen to most is Osho… and my vibration is much higher than his overall vibration. Yet, his insights are higher than mine… he has a lot to teach me.

    Do not throw out the baby with the bathwater, that is my conclusion.

    I hope I am clear… if not, please comment below.


  2. I’ve only read small excerpts from Ken Wilber, and haven’t seen his videos, but I can tell you his work is being used to silence political dissent among “new age” types. When I used to hang out socially with people doing spiritual work, some people tried to browbeat me with Ken Wilber’s color scale. I don’t know if Wilber himself thinks the left is more righteous than the right, but his color scale is being used that way. As a former Green Party activist who knows some of the things they do behind the scenes, I can tell you, the left doesn’t deserve the prettier colors Wilber gives them.


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