I have found a great resource

I am thinking of using Osho’s dynamic meditations to guide people to no-mind. Sneak in a little fun, sneak in physicality, sneak in joy… Instead of the anxiety and seriousness most people relate to the getting-out-of-the-mind issue.

As I was searching to download the music of those great meditations, I found a series of articles and quotes, by Osho, on fake gurus. Here is an article on U.G. Krishnamurti. A few months ago I would not have believed him, but I saw a video on youtube, Krishnamurti on his deathbed, and it was so convincing, that I now believe what Osho says.

Osho Quotes on U G Krishnamurti

Just the other day I was reading a lecture of U. G. Krishnamurti. He says he went to see Ramana Maharshi. He was not attracted — because he was chopping vegetables. Yes, Ramana Maharshi was that kind of man, very ordinary. Chopping vegetables! U. G. Krishnamurti must have gone to see somebody extraordinary sitting on a golden throne or something. Ramana Maharshi just sitting on the floor and chopping vegetables? preparing vegetables for the kitchen! He was very much frustrated.
Then another day he went and saw him reading jokes. Finished for ever! This man knows nothing. This man is very ordinary. He left the ashram; it was not worth it. But I would like to say to you: this man, Ramana Maharshi, is one of the greatest Buddhas ever born to the world. That was his Buddhahood in action!

U. G. Krishnamurti must have been in search of a pretender. He could not see the ordinariness and the beauty of it and the grace of it. And this same man, U. G. Krishnamurti, lived with Swami Sivanand of Rishikesh for seven years — and that chap was just stupid — and practised yoga with him. And after seven years he recognized that he has nothing; but after seven years, he took seven years. That simply shows that he also has a mighty dull mind. Seven years to see that Sivanand has nothing. Seven seconds are more than enough! And with Ramana Maharshi, seven seconds were enough — because he saw him chopping vegetables or reading jokes, looking at cartoons. That’s how the ordinary mind, the egoistic mind functions.
The ego is always searching for something bigger, some bigger ego. And the true sage has no ego; he is an ordinary man. He is utterly ordinary — that is his extraordinariness!

I would like to say to U. G. Krishnamurti: he should have looked in the eyes of Ramana Maharshi. He looked only at the hands which were chopping vegetables. He should have looked into his eyes — with what love he was chopping the vegetables. He should have looked into his eyes to see what love he was. He was the Real Man.
There is only one indication and that is love. But to understand love you have to be a little silent, a little loving, a little open. If you are full of prejudices about how the enlightened man should be, then you will go on missing. You should not have any prejudices. Just look into the eyes of a real man, and suddenly something will start stirring in your heart too. Tears will come to your eyes, your energy will have a great delight, your heart will throb with new vigour. Your soul will spread its wings.

People used to miss Sri Ramana because he was silent; he would not say much. Just the other day I mentioned U.G. Krishnamurti. When he saw Ramana Maharshi reading joke books nad looking at cartoons, he was very much frustrated. Not only that: a man asked a question about God and U.G. Krishnamurti was present there — very seriously, bowing at his feet, a man asked about God. And what did Sri Ramana do? do you know? He gave him a joke book and said, “Read it!”

Naturally, U. G. Krishnamurti was very much offended. Is this a way? This seems to be disrespectful to the man who has asked such a serious question — to give him a joke book. This is again a kick in the pants, in its own way.

What he is saying is, “What nonsense are you talking about! God? It is not a thing to be talked about — better read a joke book and have a good laugh.
“If you can laugh, maybe you can know God — not by what I will say. But if you can laugh a hearty laugh, a belly-laugh, in that moment thinking stops.”

Now, he has given a great message without saying a single word. Have you not watched it? When you laugh you are off mind. For a moment you are no more in the mind. Laughter takes you somewhere else. Where does it take you? It takes you to the same place where meditation takes you. So if you see a very serious and sad man and he claims that he is meditating, know well that he is not meditating. Meditation is always dancing. It is never serious, sad — it is sincere, of course, but never sad. It is joyous, it is gay.

And here is the video

oh, and here is the resource I found:

Stripping the gurus


2 Replies to “I have found a great resource”

  1. Sorry, I didn’t get much out of this post, except for the last paragraph, about laughter, which was insightful. I gather U. G. Krishnamurti was reputed to be some enlightened guy when he was really a bit of an idiot.


    1. U.G. Krishnamurti was a revered guru, except when you are a guru, a legend in your own time, you have no freedom to be your normal self, going through what you are going through, because you are being watched and you need to keep up appearances.

      Krishnamurti dropped pretense on his deathbed.

      Enlightenment is not a permanent state, it is like transformation: it’s a glimpse into the whole, then the opening closes.

      When you are a guru, people expect you to be enlightened, so you need to pretend.

      Pretense lowers your vibration. You get further and further away from the state they respect you for… so you become a fake.

      Thus is the life of a guru.

      This is why I refuse to be a guru, this is why I share my trials and tribulations. I fiercely protect my right to be normal.


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