Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars of Russia: Fact of Fiction?

anastasia and the ringing cedars of russia is a tale, it is fiction, it is a hoax

Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars of Russia: Fact of Fiction?

A few months ago someone asked about the vibration of Anastasia.

I said 600. I finally bit the bullet and bought the whole set of books.

I was really curious, what is in these books that a whopping 20 million people bought them.

I am halfway through the first of the nine books, and this is, so far, my take (with Source’s help and muscle testing, of course.)

The idea and Utopia that is detailed in this book, vibrates at 600. About 10% of it is based on facts the rest is fantasy, much like the wildly popular Harry Potter series of the Lord of the Ring Trilogy.

It’s translated from Russian so it is not an easy read, I hear the subsequent volumes are written better.

My muscle test says that the author of the books has a vibration of 700, making him potentially the third highest vibration person on the planet. (The author: meaning the speaker of the ideas, the dreamer, the person who is depicted as “Anastasia” in the books, not Vladimir Megre… Megre’s personal vibration 300, and it has risen from under 200: he is a perfect demonstration of awakening conscious awareness. To what level each individual can rise depends only upon their desire and diligence… we are all designed to vibrate at 1,000 which is, of course, just a number… no actual vibration is implied here.)

The ideas, as I said previously, vibrate at 600. That means that they are largely off from the truth but they are much closer to how it is, the reality really is, than any religion.

In this volume, it talks a lot about the plant world and its relationship to Man and the planets. Its assertion of training seeds and plants to change themselves to give you what is perfect for your level of health is pure fabrication: it is not true at all. It’s a nice idea, but it is wishful thinking.

I think this is the part that millions of people are attracted to and maybe practice.

On the other hand, living, at least for some of the time, in close proximity with nature without the trappings of “civilization” is probably invaluable, so I would not speak against it. But it is coming from a belief system not unlike religion, a waiting to be rescued and saved… so what else is new? Right

I will continue writing in this space, so come back from time to time and check what I have to say about Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars of Russia.

11 Replies to “Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars of Russia: Fact of Fiction?”

  1. I know I inquired about the vibration of this series and Anastasia. What surprises me the most is the authors vibration is 700. I presume you’re talking about Vladamir, and not the translator. Vladamir was a mere merchant/entrepreneur, which translates to salesman. How is this possible? Better yet, is it just fiction that they had this child together??


    1. It’s fiction. And there is no such thing: mere salesman. Being an entrepreneur is very high vibration, much higher than a scientist

      No woman named Anastasia exists, the story is a fiction

      OK, I asked better questions in muscle test… it seems that there is an in-between person, and this Vladimir is just a middleman: the person who wrote the books is not him, and I think that not one person wrote all the books either…

      The idea-person behind it, is the one with the 700 vibration, the ideas in book 1 vibrate 600, which means off off off the truth… but come from a loving place.

      This Vladimir vibrates at 200, but I will need to connect to a video on youtube to be sure. I am in a hurry writing this, hurry is always a bad idea.


  2. Interesting article. In regard to the planting method presented in book one that you say is pure fiction, I have direct experience with that. Two years ago my husband and I both followed the instructions with tomato seeds. The seeds came out of the same packet, were planted in the same soil at the same time and watered at the same time. They were planted in the garden next to each other at the same time (each of us planted five or six plants). His grew much taller and faster than mine with double the tomatoes. When cut in half, his consistently had four or five sections, but mine only had two or three (I took pictures for proof) . His were very sweet and tomato-y. Mine were very tart. Neither of us enjoyed the other’s very much, preferring our own by far. Associates of ours did the same with cucumbers and had similar results – significant physical and taste differences. I have since learned that some Native American tribes also “spit” on their seeds and into the planting hole for similar reasons.


    1. Joyce, I don’t see how that would prove that the plant had healing composition for you… would you share that? The fact that they were different isn’t sufficient: “Anastasia” says it heals specific conditions in the person who shared his/her bodily fluids with the seed and the plant.

      By the way, I am reading the books. I just finished book 1.

      It is hard to put it down. There is a certain allure of the story: promises a better and cleared and more hopeful outcome of life than what people in the “real world” are fed by TV and other media.

      There is an innate desire in humanity to make sense of it all. To find out how it all works. And to find out that it is all going to be all right.

      It is wonderful to watch how hungrily people were finding a more human way of life as a result of the book(s). How much innate goodness is in people that was ready to be expressed.

      I will read all 9 books, and will, from time to time, share my insights.

      But this doesn’t change my review: the content of the book is only 600, albeit very high for any book, it is not a linear 600, and some of what is there is not true, and a lot of what isn’t there is going to be really missing.


  3. It does not provide proof, Sophie, but “something” was definitely communicated to the plant in some degree and caused significant changes in what the plant produced. There are studies that have proven that plants can “choose” to manufacture different chemicals as a result of specific types of stimuli (climate, predators, “emotional” experiences of nearby plants and animals). Why not in response to the human chemical balance stimuli? In another experiment I had two five year old avocado trees growing, both of which produced branches of specific size and type in specific locations in response to my request that they do so. While that does not prove that the plant produces “healing composition” it does prove that a responsive relationship between plant and human can occur. If that is possible, AND the plant can produce a variety of chemicals “at will” or at least in response to stimuli, then it is entirely possible that healing composition can be produced by the plant. There are several very interesting studies on plants interactive and “decision making” abilities including the decision to produce unexpected chemicals.
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    1. It’s all mind stuff. So what?

      If you only get this from that book then the book is wasted on you: just added to your already large storage of knowledge.

      I am not saying this to insult you, I am saying this because it is inconsequential, or at least I can’t see the importance of that, at least not as far as MY WORK goes.

      It may be very important for YOUR WORK. I have no argument there. Just do what you do, and let me know what I do.

      I am not in the business of talking to plants, so I do, and they seem to respond. I am in the business of talking to Source and teaching people to Connect as well.


  4. From a very short and focused conversation you’ve made some pretty big leaps of judgment about what I’ve gotten from the books, as well as what is consequential and what is not. Your most important comment is, “It’s all mind stuff.” The, “so what?” part, however, minimizes the value of the “mind stuff.” If, “it’s all mind stuff” (and it certainly is) that mind stuff must be very imp0rtant to our evolution or purpose at all levels. I choose to honor that about our experience and not use it to minimize another’s “mind stuff experiences.” I’m grateful for your sharing of your perspectives and experiences as it contributes to my own examination and understanding of my own “mind stuff.” Blessings, gratitude and best wishes for your work.


    1. my take on this is this: the cedar oil definitely has healing properties. the cedars returning energy to the Universe? that muscle tests as no. When I test for vibration of the oil: it is 500… but I don’t know what that means… actually have no idea.

      the whole story is a skillful web of truth, tree of knowledge and made-up tale.

      Enjoyable. The key elements, on how to cause the quickening of humanity, feels close to workable. I am testing it. The Heartconnection meditation is one of the tests.


  5. My name is anya.. I have read what you wrote. I feel you have a grasp on the natural world better then most do… I have been studying the devical world and gardening and the interconnection between human kind, spirit, and the worlds between since I was very small… honestly its been a beautiful but terribly lonely path..But I do feel what you write is a bright sliver of truth. We will never know fully but every bit of light is a gift… I also truly agree.. with out the “mind stuff” the questioning… the curiosity… what would we be? how would we evolve?
    ❤ AM


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