Vibrational Review: dattatreya siva baba, dr. Pillai, vipassana, Osho Updated

  • dattatreya siva baba: (Dr. Baskaran Pillai) is the founder of Astroved, and The University of Astroved Vedic Sciences. He has researched Vedic Sciences for the past 40 years and is a world leader in educating many cultures and countries on the benefits of remedial astrology. Dattatriya Siva Baba is an enlightened Vedic Astrology Master and is also the first to bring a systematic approach to Nadi Astrology to the Western world. Personal vibration: 190. Teaching: 190: 8% truth, 92% made-up.
  • Vipassana is a meditation technique. Its claim to fame is that the Buddha used it and one night he became enlightened (whatever that means). If I know correctly (sorry, I am unwilling to research it) it is simply watching the breath. Osho (someone I do read!) says that if you can watch your breath for 45 minutes without thought you will become enlightened.That is a horrible way to use your life, I say. It may take several lifetimes, and so what? The consciousness is not in the technique: the consciousness is in connecting to the Beyond. That is from where the knowledge comes and there are much easier methods to connect, the Tangerine Method being one.Vibration of the method: 300
  • Osho: personal vibration: 300. Teaching: 310. Why so relatively low? Osho tried to accommodate the thought processes of the Westerners and corrupted his own. Nevertheless, if you read it while connected, or if you read it while your vibration is lower and you are struggling with the basic issues, if you locate yourself in the mind, Osho is a great master to read.But only about 40% of what he says is accurate, but the untruth should not bother you: combined his techniques and stories with my methods of stepping back, flashing out your cone of vision, connecting, and activators, you can surpass him in vibration.

6 Replies to “Vibrational Review: dattatreya siva baba, dr. Pillai, vipassana, Osho Updated”

  1. some would consider Osho to be enlightened, yet with a vibration of 400 it makes me wonder what is enlightenment, and if he was enlightened, could he have become unenlightened?
    oh the curse of wanting to understand.


    1. Will, remember that the vibrational number only shows one thing: how much in alignment you are with the Original Design, the reality. As soon as you become accommodating to other people’s worldview, you drop…

      Osho has a solid foundation and there is no such thing as enlightenment… other than a moment’s glimpse into reality.

      The art is to keep poking th box to see more glimpses.

      Most “enlightened” masters had one glimpse and they make a living out of it.

      We, you and I, are working on opening that door daily.


  2. what would be the effect of being 1000, i recall you once wrote that being 970 you felt uncomfortable in your body.

    Also, how does full kundalini rising relate to all this?


    1. Kundalini, for most people, is a Tree of Knowledge phenomenon. I have only met one person that didn’t lie when he said he experienced it. And I have met a lot of people that claimed that they did.

      I guess at 1,000 you wouldn’t want to interact with walking/talking minds any more. I guess worldly ambitions would cease to interest you.

      The reason I felt uncomfortable was because of the thought that it meant that I was on my way out. All mind-stuff… I was worried that I wasn’t allowed to get my work done… I was wrong.


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