Vibrational Review: Amma The Hugging Saint or what is love in the Original Design?

amma the hugging saint Vibrational Review: Amma The Hugging Saint, aka Ammachi

Personal vibration: 200 (Updated value on 6/20/2013)

Why so low? because she has been holding her face to the light. But all the vibrational rise comes from looking at the darkness and transforming it.

The problem with Eastern religions is thus revealed.

The very few high vibration people in the Indian subcontinent do the same thing. Live a lower self, selfish, self-centered life and meditate holding their face to the light, smiling, as if it made a difference.

Crying, grief, frowning: i.e. fully experiencing the emotions caused by the lower inclinations is the path to a higher vibration.

The fact that so many Americans are attracted to the gurus is a sad fact: it comes from the same place as using antidepressants, alcohol, drugs, sex, gossip, etc. Not wanting to experience our shadow side.

But emotions buried alive never die, and will always keep you miserable and low vibration.

About Amma’s compassion: it isn’t. Why? because compassion is not what she is giving.

Compassion can only be authentically given if and when you

  1. have experienced what the other person is experiencing (grief, hatred, disgust, desire to kill, sadness, anger, etc.)
  2. have managed to get to the other side of it (through it, to the light)
  3. you are willing to give a helping hand to the other to get to the other side of it, not around it, not above it, and definitely NOT comfort.

Amma has kept herself away from those inner torments by keeping her face to the light.
Her meditation is an escape. Her prayer is an escape. And escaping doesn’t earn you a high vibration.

How do I know? I have done exactly the opposite of what Amma is doing: fully experiencing all my horrible emotions, through courage to face them. And as an empath, I have also been experiencing emotions that I don’t personally feel: your emotions. And I haven’t been running from those either: I have been meeting them head-on, with my eyes open, exactly the opposite of what Amma, and probably you have been doing.

Part 2: What is wrong with how we view love today?

Here is a quote from Amma: “If we penetrate deeply into all aspects and all areas of life, we will find that hidden behind everything is love. We will discover that love is the force, the power and inspiration behind every word and every action. This applies to all people, irrespective of race, caste, creed, sect, religion or of what work people do.”

This quote is a half truth half lie.

What is love in the original design?

First let us define what is love in the Original Design, or in the Tree of Life

You encounter something that you don’t like. Or don’t understand. Or feel threatened by.

You are going to react to it, won’t you?

Your reaction will be, watched from one particular vantage point, an expression of non-acceptance.

You will run from the thing you don’t like. Or you will want to change it. Cover it up. Hide it…

You can’t just leave it alone.

That is what no-love looks like.

amma in a rare moment of being preset to life Love is the state where you can look at something, and feel what you feel, think what you think, and yet: you don’t have to change anything. Neither what you feel, nor what’s in front of you.

The urge, the compulsion that says: I  need to, I  want to, I have to, and I should change something (the thing or yourself) is not there as something you MUST act on. Maybe it’s there as an emotion, as an urge, but the feeling is viewed as a feeling, not as a command.

So when I am looking at you, from a particular vantage point, from outside of you, I will see you just standing there. No action. No reaction. Just that: you standing.

That is love.

Source, as opposed to the invented gods of humanity, is able to stand there and not blink an eye. Your pettiness, your hate. Monsanto destroying the Original Design that has nurtured life for billions of years. Chemical factories that call chemicals food that they have made addictively tasty for you, destroying humanity’s sense of what nurtures them. Medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies convincing humans that they can’t take care of themselves. Lawyers telling people that the way to have peace and justice is to fight against each other, there has to be a winner and there has to be a loser.

Source is not blinking an eye.

Do we know what Source is thinking? Do we know what Source is feeling? Not really… but we can be sure of one thing: Source is not going to avenge the evil, and reward the just. Only humans do.

That is no-love.

In order to love the way humans love requires one to hate. Which means, the way you have love spreads hate!

Hate of yourself, hate of another, hate of how it is.

Consider that you are a puppet on a string. It is time to cut the strings.

Beware: someone who is always smiling is not loving, not compassionate, that person is a fake.

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