Vibrational Review: Dr. Oz, Dr. Mercola and my take on health

Dr oz Dr Joe_Mercola Vibrational Review: Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola

I have never seen Dr. Oz  but I am leery of TV doctors: just remember Dr. Phil…

Dr. Oz personal vibration: 200. His recommendations average at 195, slightly on the side of death…

Dr. Mercola: personal vibration: 250. His recommendations average at 250.

Why not higher?

Because the entire health industry and health science as a whole vibrates at 200. So Dr. Mercola picks out the relatively higher vibration stuff… but as a system, it is all low vibration, Tree of Knowledge stuff. Each person thinks their method, their thought is right, and there is no holistic thoughts, only lip service to same.

I have found only a few things truthful:

  1. Your character and your reactive nature is more damaging than most things, and the Heaven on Earth and soul correction take care of that.
  2. The energy of the food and the water you put in your body is crucial, that is why I have attended to that aspect
  3.  You can’t build a healthy body from crap: you can build crap from crap… you need building blocks that are assimilable, and are in real in food form. Most health foods are more processed than grocery store items.
  4. Unless your stomach and your gut are in good shape, you will never get healthy
  5. Moving your body in a conscious and joyful way increases your chances to be healthy. Exercising for health won’t.
  6. Your body is not like the next person’s body, therefore your eating habits, your exercise habits, your life shouldn’t be like theirs, no matter how healthy they look or sound. Find out (by observing yourself) what makes you feel good about yourself, your body, and your life. I, for one, must eat like a caveman: the caveman didn’t have a pot to piss in, or to cook in, so anything that cannot made edible raw, or cooked in the fire itself, or on a hot stone is a no-no for me.Same thing about food-combining. If they didn’t grow together, they cannot be eaten together. I can’t imagine a caveman eating a lamb shank in one hand and a carrot in the other, can you? If they didn’t grow on the same tree, on the same bush… they probably shouldn’t be eaten together… (trail mix anyone? salads with nuts? fruits? are you killing yourself?)
  7.  Your genetics matter. If your parents both died of heart disease, they probably both had an issue of assimilating copper. Chances are you have a difficult time assimilating or holding onto copper. Or maybe, just maybe, your wrongful pride uses up all the copper you get in your food, and you need to supplement it.What I am trying to say here, your soul correction, your dominant character flaw uses more of one mineral than others, and you become deficient in them. You need to both tame your character flaw and supplement yourself, like I need additional copper and potassium. Why potassium? I haven’t figured it out yet, but I am sure it has to do with another character flaw. Let’s ponder together:Copper is the flexibility mineral: supple skin has collagen, and collagen needs copper.
    Lack of Potassium causes muscle weakness and muscle cramps: and my second soul correction issue is “I get disheartened easily. I think of giving up…” So there you have it. Every time you think of giving up, you use excess Potassium. Judging from the number of people that have the “Gentian” reaction to even the smallest challenge probably get Potassium deficient easily.Is this true? On the truth scale this vibrates at 600… not 100% true, but somewhat true.

Now, do you see why most medical advice is wrong? They are looking only at the body…

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