Vibrational Review: the lowest numbers yet

1. Marcey Hamm personal vibration: 200. music: 200;
2. Toby Alexander (DNA guy) 195
3. Virginia Ellen 190
4. Jach Pursel channeling Lazaris 190
5. Sri Vishwanth 210

3 Replies to “Vibrational Review: the lowest numbers yet”

  1. Is it possible to test The gentleman, Ed, that is the founder of this website also has a muscle testing device. He seems genuine. Thank you and I am enjoying your articles.


    1. Ed's vibration is 200, and his quantuminquisitor vibrates on the level of 35. The reason it is so low, is because it is based on a mechanistic world view, which is the furthest from what it really is. Don't be mistaken: vibration and energy and waves can be viewed as totally mechanistic and physical. Trying to connect the physical view with the beyond will always fail.

      You are right, Ed's vibration shows that he has integrity, and he is faithful and true to his wrong ideas, well-meaning, but totally disconnected from the truth.


      1. Thank you very much for checking. I appreciate it. I totally bought one but found I lacked the talent to use it properly. I appreciate all of the knowledge that you have shared through your articles and classes. Thank you!


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