Vibrational Review: Morgana Rae from Financial Alchemy and The Money Magnet

morgana rae of financial alchemyMorgana Rae from “Financial Alchemy”

Her personal vibration: 230. Dominant emotions: Mimulus, Agrimony, Sweet Chestnut, and Elm.
Her teaching (truth value): 190
Her typical follower: 90

Morgana Rae teaches wishful thinking, reshaping the peaks and valleys of the same crap you already know. Morgana Rae’s feelings come from the deep soul knowledge that she is deceiving people… but then again, someone whose vibration is under 100 will not be willing to buy anything that require them to change anyway. Yet the soul in Morgana doesn’t allow her to enjoy her “success” and it comes with the price tag of deep pain
Dominant feeling: Sweet Chestnut

That’s it in a nutshell Morgana Rae.

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