Vibrational Review: Ann Taylor Healer: is she a fraud? The 3-card Monte of Ann Taylor: watch my left while I pick your pocket with my right

ann taylor healer review Ann Taylor healer, founder of Inner Healing, Inc., is an internationally-known energy healer and teacher. Personal Vibration: 250. Truth value of her teaching: 200; clientele: under 100.

Her world view is faulty, so even if she mixes truth into her fast talk.

Ann Taylor healer, oh my.

9 Replies to “Vibrational Review: Ann Taylor Healer: is she a fraud? The 3-card Monte of Ann Taylor: watch my left while I pick your pocket with my right”

    1. All prayers are placebo effects: there is no one to pray to but yourself, or at least an aspect of you. The language of the prayer is an issue though: I’d rather that people own their power, instead of defer the power to a higher authority: thee is no such thing. Not according to the Original Design.


  1. When she used to do appoinmtents I had good results from that and recordings I purchased. I did not get good results from her 21 days of prayer, I actually had a major financial loss. Her free work on teleseminars has gone downhill. She used to do all kinds of free healings on different topics but has since clamped down and only does the same 3, worry about money, fear of losing money and fear of lack of money or something like that. Which is fine because she doesn’t have to give her work away, but I used to look forward to and never miss any teleseminars she was on and now I don’t bother listening. The technical term for what she does is imprinting. I found that out from a psychologist friend, who was disturbed that Ann Taylor does this without a license. I would not call what she does a scam, and everyone will get different results, but since being disappointed with 21 days of prayer, I have found that none of the recordings I purchased from her work as well as they used to, though that may be an issue I have. Anyhow, I am curious what your headline means and what is behind the accusations.


  2. I agree with the above , I always used to listen to Ann, bought a few of her packages and her 21 days, they did not work for me and am surprised that Joe Vitale and others have endorsed her work


  3. I have done the 21 days numerous times with no results. It’s very difficult in this field to pin point the lack of results on a “faulty” program or healer and/or the lack of receptivity of the client or non-readiness to change. I find myself thinking maybe I just need to sign up for 1 more 21 days and that will make the difference.


  4. I was hoping for some input on what happened for me when I signed up for Ann Taylor’s Inner Healing. I signed up for her program six times. As soon as I signed up I did feel something instantly. I felt a certain peace and calm. I did have some good things happen to me like my relationship with my youngest sister changed. We actually had a relationship and we’re getting along for the first time ever. I was hired on permanently after being underemployed for 3.5 years and a long lost friend came back to me after 6 years. So I stopped taking her program in December of 2013. Midway into January of 2014 was when things started to unravel. First my sister stopped talking to me. Then I was fired from my job because I wasn’t a fit for the role. Also my relationship with my long lost friend ended as well. We went out to dinner I discovered he wanted a friendship with benefits if you know what I mean and when he gave me a ride he groped me and after that night I stopped talking to him. I think that’s a weird outcome for being in a prayer circle.


    1. Judy, accidentally my newest article answers the question, not directly, but indirectly. Most programs don’t go deep enough, don’t lead to mastery, don’t lead to an inner change, and therefore their effects are temporary. Just like bathing makes you clean temporarily…

      The best programs, like the Playground I am starting later this month, go for mastery. Mastery cannot be taken away. Just like you can’t forget how to ride the bicycle, or how to drive a car. They cause the capacity to alter who you are. Permanently.

      I bet you don’t even know what was different in you when you were having those great results… and you don’t know what is different now that you don’t…

      You probably weren’t even taken to a conscious competence, it was more like voodoo… I don’t mean to speak down at it, or you…

      I recommend that you strive for mastery. You seem like you deserve it.

      And luckily even religious people like will like the Playground… It is designed that way.


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