Vibrational Reviews: Drunvalo Melchizedek, Glenn Morris, Reverend James Robison, Mantak Chia, Mother Teresa,Human Design Institute and more

Drunvalo Melchizedek personal vibration: 220
Drunvalo is the author of four books including The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, Volumes I and II, Living in the Heart and his newest one, Serpent of Light. Truth value of writings: 60 (all made up)

Glenn Morris (Umaa Tantra) 1944-2006: Qigong Grandmaster Glenn Morris Ph.D. Personal vibration: 200

Reverend James Robison: personal vibration: 80

Mantak Chia: personal vibration: 200, teachings, theories: 200
quote: “I once saw mantak? bring an Oak tree to orgasm with his Chi, it was amazing”

Mother Teresa of Calcutta: did she connect to Source (g-d): no. personal vibration: 300

Peter Ragnar is an internationally renowned health & longevity pioneer. Personal vibration: 220; theories/teachings: 220

Robert Collier: 220

Albert Einstein: 400

Human Design Institute: 190
Ra personal vibration: 300
accuracy of interpretation of charts: 200
charts: not useful
truth value: 200
useful: yes
idea of false self: useful (eliminates ego concerns)
eating recommendations: useful
type identification: not useful
action/initiation mode: not correct, not useful

8 Replies to “Vibrational Reviews: Drunvalo Melchizedek, Glenn Morris, Reverend James Robison, Mantak Chia, Mother Teresa,Human Design Institute and more”

  1. Yet another one of my "heroes" is a low number!

    I keep thinking that somebody must be at a high vibration…LOL…but that is what I get for "thinking" right?


  2. Drunvalo, is a great guy and I believe his intention is pure, I am practicing the one-handed muscle-testing method, so maybe soon I can check for myself!


    1. Aaron, if you are available on Thursdays at 3 pm my time, I need a few more participants in the muscle testing class. Not a crowd, but a few good people that will widen the scope… will need headset and webcam. No webcam? sorry, can't take you.

      BTW: I have prepared your Bach Flower Remedy. Sorry if I was harsh with you, now I know you better.


  3. Yes am interested in the class, that time should be ok, I do have a cam, but not a headset. Will try and get before Thursday. Is the class this Thursday?

    Great that you mixed my remedy!…Thanx so much!…Do I get to know what remedies I tested for?…or better that I don't?…No worries about your harshness, I think you are Awesome!


    1. Aaron, your remedy is in the mail. I'll send you a jpg of the individual flowers in it. I am glad you will be in the muscle testing class.
      I plan to sell the videos as a product: a lot of people are interested in learning how to properly muscle test.
      If your laptop has the built in camera, I think the microphone and the loud speaker are set up correctly and we won't hear feedback, so you may not need a headset.


  4. Mother Teresa was calibrated in Dr Hawkins book power vs force at 700, yet you have her at 300 and Dr hawkins at 500, this does not suggest your system of testing to be very accurate…


    1. Dr. Hawkins’ testings are consistent with the questions he asks. He wasn’t connected to Source while he muscle tested, so when he asks truth or false, he is staying inside the Tree of Knowledge.

      The second reason for the discrepancy is that the meaning of vibrational number is obviously a different thing when he tests and when I test.

      He doesn’t even know about the Original Design. He doesn’t know that human beings are supposed to work with the soul to cause their own soul’s earning the light.

      So, according to the scale I measure people in: to what degree they live the Original Design, Dr. Hawkins only measures 500, while he measured himself above 800.

      The truth value of his teaching, which he measures above 800, from the Original Design perspective only measures only 450: some of it fits the design, most don’t.

      So, like in most things, it is not the answer that matters: it is the question. The question he asks is different that the question I ask.

      We have a different goal. His goal was to be right about most things, my goal is to reconnect people with the Original Design to bring about the thousand years of peace. Clearer?


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