Vibrational Reviews: Abraham-Hicks, Barack Obama, David Cameron, David Wilcock, Marie Diamond, Rikka Zimmerman, Dr. Dain Heer, Meg Benedicte, Richard Bartlett, Andrew Weil

Abraham-Hicks as a program: 300

Barack Obama personal vibration: 280

David Cameron Prime Minister of the United Kingdom personal vibration: 200

David Wilcock (David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy.) personal vibration: 190

Emotional Freedom Technique – Tapping In General as modality: 210

Marie Diamond: (Creator of Diamond Feng Shui) personal vibration: 200

Meg Benedicte is an Evolutionist, Energy Healer and founder of Unified Field Therapy®, a healing process utilizing the Zero Point energy of the Vortex of. personal vibration: 200. modality: vortex meditation: 190

Rikka Zimmerman (Access Consciousness: 190) personal vibration: 190

Dr. Dain Heer (Access Consciousness) personal vibration: 300

Trivedi Personal Vibratoin (vibration) on 1/21/2012: 300

Richard Bartlett (190) Matrix Energetics (220)

Andrew Weil (190)

6 Replies to “Vibrational Reviews: Abraham-Hicks, Barack Obama, David Cameron, David Wilcock, Marie Diamond, Rikka Zimmerman, Dr. Dain Heer, Meg Benedicte, Richard Bartlett, Andrew Weil”

  1. I am bit surprised that Abraham Hicks is that low, I felt it to be a good teaching. I guess Esther's claims are somewhat overstated. Glad to know the prez is smarter than the average bear and politician. I have wondered where everything globally speaking rates on Hawkins' scale, interesting what you do though I still wonder whose truth is the true truth.


    1. Terrance, if you read the article about what the numbers mean, the low number means that the entire Abraham Hicks program is based on an imaginary paradigm where entities are concerned about humanity's future.

      But anything in truth isn't concerned. Source isn't concerned. Only mortals are: and therefore you can safely assume that the Abraham in Abraham Hicks is a mortal… with a low and narrow cone of vision, mostly only interested in being right.

      Even if they can teach something that works, it isn't based on the truth, it is based on experience, like antibiotics, or fats make you suffer from high cholesterol. Neither are truth… although they work some of the time.

      Unless a modality is based on truth, it is based on untruth. simple enough?

      The higher vibration programs are based on truth and are incomplete. The new healing modality I just published is based on truth and it is incomplete. That's why it has a 500 vibration.


  2. Read several of your articles, I disagree with your published (here) vibrational assessments of many of the people/programs you have listed here, and isn’t it amazing that your program rates the highest… significantly higher. Now it’s your site, so you can do as you please, but Abraham and Dr Dain Heer would never place themselves on such a pedestal… jus sayin’.


    1. You are absolutely correct. They would not say. But Abraham is an all-knowing group of entities that can see everything from where they are… lol, talking through the mouthpiece called Esther Hicks…

      and Dain Heer practiced his winning pretty boy smile in front of the mirror for years to attract people like yourself. His vibration is steady at 300 which is high.

      And if you are willing to be intelligent at all, then you should look into your own feelings about each teacher you follow, and not worry about my measurements: follow your heart, your hunches, your preferences. People always pick the right teacher for themselves. The teacher that has the right ticks, the right hair do, the right pitch of voice or mannerisms, or the right stuff to teach the right way.

      By the way, you could have the intelligence, the question is: are you going to your intelligence or to your love of arguing?


  3. Sophie, I am glad to read your review of Abraham/Hicks.. A friend sent me a CD of these teachings and the minute I put it on I felt an uncomfortable feeling in my solar plexus, which grew more intense the longer I listened, so I switched it off in a matter of minutes and have let it go to the thrift store. I’m learning day by day not to distrust these feelings of either attraction or non-attraction, and to follow my heart and my hunches, as you say above. All I can say is that my body ‘knew’ that Abraham-Hicks wasn’t for me – though I wouldn’t have had the language to say why! Thank you.


    1. Good work, Amanda.

      May I ask you to do a thing for me? I have been working on incorporating some of the micro-expressions I learned from “Lie To Me” TV show on Netflix.

      I watched the below video, and Vianna Stibal from Theta Healing doesn’t think she is lying, but upon looking again, I noticed a faster pace speaking AND a higher pitch when she is telling stories that others have refuted… Would you look, just a few minutes, into this video for me and tell me if you get what I get? Please?

      I learned to connect from Vianna Stibal watching a video without sound, and I felt what she did. By that time I had her book, and the method she teaches does not connect ANYONE, because the method uses visualization, which is a mind function. You cannot connect through the mind…

      I’d love to have your take on this. You are a gifted empath, BTW.


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