Vibrational Reviews: lots of people… readers’ request

Jack Canfield 299

Nan Hui-Chib 195

Ole Gabrielsen Personal Vibration: 500
Modality: 280

Richard Gordon (Quantum Touch) Personal Vibration: 240
Quantum Touch: 300

Spring Forest Qigong 250

Vicky Anderson (The Awakening) Personal Vibration: 200

Barbara Hand Clow Personal Vibration: 200

Barbara Marciniak Personal Vibration: 200

Bill Bodri Personal Vibration: 170

Carlos Kastaneda: Personal Vibration: 395

Chunyi Lin: Personal Vibration: 300

Deepak Chopra: Personal Vibration: 495

Dolores Cannon: Personal Vibration: 195

Edgar Cayce: Personal Vibration: 230

Effie Chow: Personal Vibration: 395

Gary Douglas: Personal Vibration: 190

Dr. Sun Myung Moon personal vibration: 200. Mrs Moon: 210

Is he the messiah? no

vibration of his teaching: 200
Universal Peace Federation: 200

Does he connect to Source? no

Has he EVER connected to Source? no

13 Replies to “Vibrational Reviews: lots of people… readers’ request”

  1. Here are more:

    1. Dr.Wayne W. Dyer: The Shift (book + film); Intention; Excuses Begone

    2. Karl Dawson & Sasha Allenby: Matrix Reimprinting using EFT

    Thank you


  2. Sophie,

    You mentioned that Deepak Chopra has a personal vibration of 495. What about his teachings?

    Also, I'm very curious about Oprah, Louise Hay, and S. N. Goenka. Their personal vibrations plus what they teach. I'd be very interested to know that if you can muscle test.


    1. You mentioned that Deepak Chopra has a personal vibration of 495. What about his teachings?
      Answer: First off: today he is 200, and feels miserable. second: teachings: 300

      Also, I'm very curious about Oprah(250), Louise Hay(250, teaching: 300), and S. N. Goenka (400, teaching: 200). Their personal vibrations plus what they teach. I'd be very interested to know that if you can muscle test.

      What do you mean by "I'd be interested to know if you can muscle test"… these people, their vibration, if I am accurate, if I know how to muscle test… what is the question? I teach muscle testing… by the way


  3. Sophie,

    Thank you for all the information. I had always wondered what their vibrations were. I had a feeling that S. N. Goenka's was quite good.

    My question about the muscle testing is something you already answered. I had wanted you to muscle test them. lol. But yes, I'd be interested in muscle testing, though I remember you saying in an article that one's vibration must be at a certain level before we can test ourselves. I hope to raise it to that level.

    Thank you.

    p.s. Poor Deepak. I hope he will feel much better soon.


    1. About Deepak Chopra: when a person forgets that their life needs to be in harmony with the soul's purpose, when a person moves from there and starts to shift their focus on something else, like money, fame, being liked, being safe, being famous, then their vibration drops, because they "un-earn" their vibration.

      It is not about feelings, it is about earning your light by working with the soul.

      The resulting feeling, of course, from being off purpose, is feeling empty, busy, harried, impatient, hateful, yearning to bring the past back, etc. the 38 basic bad feelings, which are horrible feelings if you can feel them. And, of course, disease follows swiftly thereafter.

      This is the problem with worldly success: even if you got it because you worked with soul, if you start associating with other people not on the level, not working with their souls, you will forget what got you there, and that you can only stay there and be well if you continue growing. There is no stagnating in the upper worlds. There is only growing and dying.

      Only when someone knows how things work that they can "hold onto their success" and be well. Those people are rare, and that's why some gurus vibration is so low… maybe they became gurus because they were doing the work, but once there, they thought it was them and only them… I've been there. The fall is terrible.


  4. Sophie, I asked recently about Carolyn Cooper and her Simply Healed Method. I would also be interested in knowing both the personal and teachings of Mas Sajady. He claims a direct connection to Pure Source. Thanks.


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