Vibrational Reviews: Dan Millman, Ayn Rand, Landmark Education, Yogi Bhajan, Mahan Tantric

Dan Millman, Ayn Rand, Landmark Education, Yogi Bhajan

Dan Millman, sold millions of copies of his first book, The Peaceful Warrior (200). Written in fantasy style, even though it may be the truth. Much brain candy.

Personal: 295
The Life You Were Meant To Live: 250
The Journeys Of Socrates: 560 (my favorite book). Too real for most people. It’s the story of a boy becoming a man through a lifetime of training, trials and tribulations. People prefer fantasy, instant transformation (alcohol) and fast food spirituality. I read this once a year, around the time when people celebrate Christmas.  I track my own spiritual growth. More truthful than muscle testing… on the experiential level. I read it the first time when my vibration was at 250… If your vibration is under 250 (I guess) you won’t like it.

Ayn Rand writer, philosopher. Connected higher knowledge, but

Personal: 399
The Fountainhead: 250
Atlas Shrugged: 280
Philosophy: The Virtue Of Selfishness: 299

Werner Erhard, founder of est, an amazing teacher: 500
Nancy Zapolski VP or Landmark Education, personal vibration:  505
Steve Zaffron VP or Landmark Education, personal vibration: 450
Landmark Education, the organization:  300
Average vibration of staff: 250
Average vibration of assistants: 170
Average vibration of graduates: 210

yogi bhagan, yogi bhajan, Harbhajan Singh Yogi, Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji

personal vibration: 250 (( Osho on Yogi Bhajan

Osho – You must have heard the name of a great sardar yogi in America, Yogi Bhajan. He was just a porter at Delhi Airport. He saw Muktananda coming with seven hundred Americans…. Of course at that time his name was Sardar Harbhajan Singh; he was a poor porter, but certainly he looked far better than Muktananda, more impressive. The idea came into his mind, “If this fool can be a PARAMAHANSA, A SATGURU, etcetera, etcetera, then why should I waste my time just being a porter?” He dropped the job, went to America, and is now the greatest spiritual leader of the Sikh hierarchy in the Western hemisphere.

Just a few days ago, he was back in Delhi with all his disciples. One of his bosses, who is a lover of me, passed by. He saw him sitting on the lawn of the Delhi Taj Mahal Hotel with his disciples. He could not recognize him, he had changed so much. He thought, “A great mahatma.”

yogi bhajan But Yogi Bhajan is a simple man in that way, far simpler than Muktananda or Nirmala Devi. He sent a disciple to the boss to tell him, “Come to my room. I have something to say to you.”
The boss could not understand why the great yogi was calling him; he was thrilled, excited. He went into the room, Yogi Bhajan came in and he said, “Boss, don’t you recognize me? I am just that poor Sardar Harbhajan Singh, your porter. Have you forgotten me completely?”
Then he could recognize the face. He said, “But what has happened? You have become such a great yogi with so many disciples!” Then he told the story… that it is due to Muktananda. The whole credit goes to Muktananda!

Source: from Osho Book “The Goose is Out”))
teachings: 300
truth value: 299

The idea of Mahan Tantric: 180. Why? Because no idea and no human are supposed to stand between you and Source.

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7 Replies to “Vibrational Reviews: Dan Millman, Ayn Rand, Landmark Education, Yogi Bhajan, Mahan Tantric”

  1. I've listened to the Unconditional Love more than once and have my flower remedy, but nothing has happened that I can tell… Was I not connected all the time? Sue McShan


    1. You weren't connected, Sue. You got it on the conscious level, but you could not get it anywhere else.

      What are the symptoms that you experience? Much of that, the way I showed it today, come from habitual way of interpreting experiences and life. You need to wake up, you feel to me like a sleepwalker.


  2. I am working on my Soul Correction and came across Dan Millman’s “The Life You Were Born To Live.” I notice that you rate Millman fairly well. Is this book useful in understanding and working on my Soul Correction?


    1. Michael, a few years ago when I came across that book I was very excited. I bought 6 copies to use with clients. It turned out completely useless. I learned only one thing from it: you can’t jump for a to z, it takes going through the whole alphabet to get there… lol.

      So no, the soul correction is a completely different process, you need to find your tight spots, your self-protecting, selfish spots, and release those… In your case “let go” is a very important slogan.


  3. Sophie, thanks. I get that I need to let go, but I am having difficultly figuring out what to do, what actions to take. I will do some reading on the Law of Circulation and develop some inspiration.


  4. Sophie, thanks. I get that I need to let go, but I am having difficultly figuring out what to do, what actions to take. I will do some reading on the Law of Circulation to develop some inspired action.


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