Is Christie Marie Sheldon: Vibrational Review. Updated

is christie marie sheldon a fraud? Is Christie Marie Sheldon A Fraud? This question keeps repeating in the searches on my site. The simple answer: I don’t know.

Hey, what is a fraud? Who is a fraud? If you promise something and you don’t keep your promise, that’s fraud. If you get in someone with false promises… that’s fraud.

If she says she is god, then she is a fraud. She is not god. Does she say that? I don’t think so.

If she says she can raise your vibration, then she is a fraud. In that regard.

She and her programs won’t raise your vibration permanently. But you will feel better while you listen to her… I probably would too… What else is she promising?

In my other article I have already said that the vibrational frequency of love is 540.

Since the time that I wrote that article, her vibration has dropped. I mean DROPPED.

It was 299 in August. Today, Christmas Eve of 2011 it is 200. (rechecking it in July 2012: it is still only 200)

From a vibrational frequency of 200. you are not able to talk about love authentically. You also could not talk authentically about love at 299… lol.

At that low vibration you will use the words as if the word had the power… but it is not the words that have power to change you! What gives power to words spoken is the speaker’s power. 200 is low vibration, low authenticity, almost no power.

When someone at 200 says love, it sounds like luv… nothing behind it. No power, no promise, no commitment, no permanence… nothing.

Only when you get up to the vibration of unconditional love, that there is power speaking of love, and then… you won’t have to say it any more, it is obvious for everyone who pays attention, your energy is clear, strong, and has no selfish ring to it.

The same is true with a lot of things, not just love. I see people’s usernames, and many have “happy” as a username, or some variation of it. It is a hollow happy, an empty happy, a wishful happy, a faking of happy. I am sure you can hear it. Someone who is able to be with all, without any need to change anything, appreciate things exactly the way things are and the way things aren’t, is the person who is happy.

When they are on that level of acceptance and appreciation, they don’t have to remember that they are happy. They just are. It is, interestingly, around the same vibration as love… probably not a coincidence.

As I said, her vibration, today, is 200. But is still higher than her followers’. Her followers’ average vibration is miracle seeking, Santa Claus believer, under 150.

For someone under 150 a person with 200 looks like god. For someone under 150, I look like the Antichrist.

Everyone is looking for what’s a match for them.

If your vibration is in the range of her typical followers’, then for you she is not a fraud.

You will be one of the thousands that clog the line to hear every single word she utters. You are a good match.

MindValley has contacted me to see if I wanted them to publish/promote my stuff.

Although I like their numbers, on one hand (traffic), the numbers on the other hand (vibration) are catering to Christie Marie Sheldon, and Burt Goldman’s followers, all are? under 150.

The ideal client for me already has a vibrational frequency at or over 200. Otherwise I’ll seem too demanding and tough for them: they are holding their hands out for alms.

Now, I have to tell you, I haven’t even heard the woman’s voice, let alone bought any of her products. I just muscle tested it while connected to Source.

If I made a mistake, you’ll be the first person to know.

If you want to raise your vibration (raise your vibrational frequency) any modality under 500 is a poor choice. This includes religion, meditation, chanting, etc. Anything under 500… won’t raise your vibration, most will lower it. Under 500 everything is Tree of Knowledge: disconnected from Source and the Original Design.

Update March 22, 2013: What is the difference between Christie Marie Sheldon, and myself, Sophie Benshitta Maven? We both use energies. She uses energies of the group, I use Source energies, specifically, to support you in your quest to raise your vibration.

She addresses general stumbling blocks to making money, I, in my Soul Correction workshops, address specific, to you, issues and create custom activators to support you in conquering that issue, so you can move forward.

She promises miracles, I promise work. I promise that with the help of the Avatar State Audios, and the custom activators, and your awareness, you’ll be able to produce the kinds of results in your life that you only dreamed about thus far.

But if you are an average Christie Marie Sheldon customer, you probably won’t be admitted to any of my classes until you raise your vibration with my Harmonize Your Vibration audio, to at least 200. And although it is work, it will be a miracle.

11 Replies to “Is Christie Marie Sheldon: Vibrational Review. Updated”

  1. It doesn’t sound like THE Sophie I know – how can you be so sure that there are no people searching for SOMETHING ELSE. The internet is a deep, dark, vast ocean and it is not easy to find a bright spark in it.

    What if someone gets to that site and finds your sooooo different-from-anything-else stuff? Would s/he think about it at least for a while? What if something clicks in their head (even in their left side, only)? Whatever level of vibration we have, most of us (humans) still have a common sense regardless of the vibrational level, wrong?

    And… what if only one single person gets what YOU are talking about there? Would it be worth? How much would that decline of the Dark Side and, at the same time, add up to the Light? LOL


    I was subscribed to both of their newsletter lists for a while, downloaded the free Christie Marie Sheldon’s meditation, listened to it once or twice and… deleted it and unsubscribed. It didn’t resonate anything with me. The other one – I don’t even remember what it was about – just some mist.


    1. Great comment, Matsa. The internet IS a vast ocean. And if you look at the "how the activation is going" page, most people on the planet are under 150 vibrational frequency, and getting a little break from feelings like hopelessness, purposeless, <img src="; alt="map of consciousness, scale of vibrational frequencies, track the activation" title="map of consciousness" width="500" />.

      I am working on a more comprehensive map of feelings. Once you identify the feeling (with muscle testing) then you can start elevating yourself. Will it be permanent? No. Temporary. But you may be able to start craving for a permanent solution in the states when your vibration is higher.

      That's when you will want to learn to connect to Source directly, not through another person, and start doing the work you were put on earth to do: raise your vibration and help the soul perform its correction.

      Matsa, you weren't in the vibrational range where you would be attracted to her, that's why you came to me.

      Your country and your environment is, that is why you are having a hard time going beyond 299… you are kind of stuck there dear… but we'll get you moving. I am on it… promise! lo.


  2. Obviously if you need to belittle others and what they do in the world, this is from a low vibration. No muscle testing needed to know this one. Observation: when someone needs to tell the world they are enlightened and others are not, they really are not. Enlightened people "know" within and live by example.


  3. She has memorized the “law of attraction” movement’s tenets and repeats them with a boring, sing-song voice interspersed with weird, inappropriate laughter – nothing sincere or real about her. Her tone of voice is the give-away. Just imagine someone speaking like that who is sitting across from you – that should tell you she has a good con going. Pathetic!


  4. OMG! If Christie is for real or not is want people would like to know, and how you would know that she is a scam. If you made this review to just market yourself is very sad. I have seen quite a few intuitive people that have the same giggle and I think is just a way to invite joy into their vibration constantly.
    Yes it is true what you said about all of us having a meter of vibration, Not everybody has the easiness to muscle test and at least she teaches you that. However if you were really in the above love vibration you would not have made a review that all that transmits is anger or even hate towards another person that scam or not is reaching out there the public with information that is not that well known to the regular public. (I think that is why RWER reaction, because your review comes out with a lot of anger)
    Before hearing about Christie Marie I didn’t know about vibrations and the levels that exist. I just knew about negative or positive and since her I have been doing my own research and meeting different people. And she did that, she gave me the awareness; for that I am always going to be thankful and grateful for her. I say that I have come a long way and I still have another more to walk but I have improved so immensely and I feel myself less judgmental towards others and myself and I am more aware of my energy and consciousness than ever in my life.
    Saturnmaiden is very true. I f you are really enlighten you do not go aroudn saying that you are and talk bad about another person because you are the truly enlighten. Christie Marie always mentions in her clearing that she is not any different than the rest of us, we all are powerful and we all can do the things that she does and she even mentions than she hopes we can do more; of course you wouldn’t know because you really didn’t ask that and get it in the muscle testing.
    Again, true or not she is putting her little grain in the sand contributing to this world with love (maybe not real from your perspective) and awareness. Either the pure love coming from her is real or not is for all of us to experiment, but at least she does not judge anybody out there or make us feel judge like you: ïf your vibration is lower I won’t work with you”. What kind of work is that, if you really love, like Mother Theresa, you just love everybody and want everybody to feel it!


  5. My goodness. I’m actually quite amazed that someone who claims to have a vibration over 500 actually trashes another human being who is doing good in the world, nor do they belittle their followers. That’s not love either, perhaps you should recheck your vibration level.
    In my opinion, Christie Marie Sheldon’s following speaks volumes for her ability to help, heal and encourage people to become the best they can be. Again, that’s just my opinion.


    1. I was at first hesitant to publish this comment… but then I connected to your vibration and decided: what the heck. People who like it, already liked it… because they like your energy (vibration 70) and they will just go and buy Christie Marie Sheldon’s programs and I’ll get paid commission… so all is well.


  6. Further to my above comment, judgement falls far below 500…as does envy, jealousy and anger. You, my dear may do well purchasing one of CMS’s program yourself, I’m positive it will help you raise your vibration. Speechless in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Wow!!


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