Vibrational Review: Donna Eden

Donna Eden laughing all the way to the bankDonna Eden

Her vibration is 230… the highest of the so called ‘energy practitioners’.

She works exclusively with 4th plane energies. She doesn’t connect to Source (7th Plane).

Muscle test results: what she teaches vibrates at 300.
Can she heal? No.
Can she teach what she does? No.
Is it worth my time? No.
Does she believe that what she does is the truth? Yes.
Average vibration of people she attracts: 120

If you want to raise your vibration (raise your vibrational frequency) any modality under 500 is a poor choice. This includes religion, meditation, chanting, etc. Anything under 500… won’t raise your vibration, most will lower it. Under 500 everything is Tree of Knowledge: disconnected from Source and the Original Design.

2 Replies to “Vibrational Review: Donna Eden”

  1. I can not discuss or argue muscle testing, either someone's vibration level (I'm not skilled), but my practical experience is different. I've read both her books (Energy Medicine + EM for Women) and have been performing many of exercises she recommends for several months. For example, I still do regularly, on a daily basis, her "5-min energy routine", very often"tracing your meridians", and some others from time to time. And I do feel better after doing them. Have you tried any of them?

    Ok, I reread what I wrote – Are you going to say that I'm not healed… hahaha

    Another but, when are we healed then? Never?


    1. You feel better, and that is valid. Lots of exercises make you feel better. And you should do those exercises if they work for you.

      By the way, I call them vibrational reviews because that's what they are. Looking at healers and teachers from a vibrational viewpoint. Certain levels of vibration allow for certain activities. I checked, and even when she does and energy session, her own vibration doesn't go higher.

      This is especially significant, because healing from the 4th plane requires a lot of energy. When Trivedi or Sai Maa does healing,their vibration jumps 300 or so… and they do have results. I kind of think that maybe that is necessary… but as I have said, healing is not my territory of expertise.


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