Vibrational Review: Stephen Pierce

stephen pierce momentum maker Vibrational Review: Stephen Pierce

Stephen Pierce is a Born Again Christian. His vibration is 270.

He is a multi-millionaire marketer. A Black guy with a great story: long ago he was at the wrong place and got shot… he picked himself up.

He is unusually intelligent, you might say he is a genius. Also married right: his wife’s family are the nicest people I have ever met and the family works together as a unit. Have never seen anything like that. I spent a weekend with them a few years ago, when they still lived in Michigan.

Update: he is now divorced. I wish him luck.

This article is about the spiritual/mindset teachings of Stephen, not about his marketing material.

He is one of those people that have connected at some time, transformed their life and now are trying to teach others… except that he is not like everyone else.

Once you connect, you become ‘not like everyone else.’

It’s a little like the people with the near-death experience.

They come back from death’s door and they will never be the same. Like David Hawkins, and a few others: I once had a person like that writing her book about her experiences in my office.

At the time my vibration was very low, I wasn’t well, health-wise, and I didn’t believe in any of this “otherworldly” stuff: remember, I was an atheist, regardless my experience in Jerusalem.

I believed in my experience, but I didn’t believe anything these “there is life after death” people said… not at all.

I had experienced past life regression, I saw three past lives of mine… and I believed in my experience, but I didn’t believe the “there is light and angels, etc.” stuff.

Why am I saying this?

Just to give you a background where I am looking from.

The method Stephen Pierce teaches to pick yourself up and become successful, eliminate self-doubt, etc. is hundred percent in the domain of the conscious mind, and nothing permanent can be done there, because it is not the decision maker. The ego will trump the conscious mind every time.

How many times have you caught yourself acting counter with your conscious decision? Hundreds? Thousands? It’s normal.

Your actions come from the “ego level”, and the “history level;” some call these two combined the subconscious mind.

In order to penetrate the subconscious mind you need an energy that can do it, and you need to be in a highly suggestible state.

That is why the activator downloads work, because the two conditions – the suggestible mind state and the big energy – are there at the same time.

4 Replies to “Vibrational Review: Stephen Pierce”

  1. I just ran across this and must speak up. I know this man personally and he is a confident man. I believe that Stephen Pierce does raise the vibration of people who hear him speak, temporarily. He gives them confidence in him and in himself. He has aa great way of encouraging people, and if that is all you are looking at or for, then go hear him and take his encouragement.

    But just know that His life off-stage is the antithesis of what he says onstage. His staff has three times turned over completely in the last year. The senior employee on his staff has been there only about 6 months. He is being sued by numerous previous customers for failure to give them service and business partners for not paying them. He is being sued by the EEOC for sexual harassment and was fined by the texas workforce commission for shady employment practices. His corp is not in good standing due to unpaid taxes.

    Just listen to him but don't give him your money cause that is the end of his charm.


  2. My question to you, Sophie is this- Can a person have a high vibration score if the behavior only exists in one place-the stage?

    I ask because I don't see Stephen Pierce as a successful person but as the loneliest man I ever met with no intimate and honest relationships. Riddled with so much self-doubt that he abuses all those around him, but women worst than the men. Can you be connected to the force and still have a burned out life?

    If the life force vibration does not show up in your life, where is it?


    1. 270 is a low vibration. High vibration begins at 299, the distance between 270 and 299 is 29 zeros… a lot.
      And no, if a person's high vibration is temporary, then they didn't earn it, they just whip themselves into a frenzy from the 4th plane… not good. Not authentic. The scenario you describe is consistent with that.

      It the Life Force vibration doesn't show up in your life then it is blocked. By your "desire for the self alone" attitude, which is misery, selfishness, unkindness.

      Brilliance requires a certain level of vibration, but not necessarily a high vibration.

      I hope I answered your questions. Thank you for asking them.



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