Vibrational Review: Gurjieff et. al.

Gurjieff Vibrational Review: Gurjieff (G. I. Gurdjieff 1866-1949)

I have read full original writings of Gurjieff, though I have read a book about him, with lots of quotes by Colin Wilson. I also knew one person, for a while, who was a disciple of Gurjieff and he was quite messed up…

But it would be a mistake to judge a teacher by their students… really.

My testings say the Gurjieff was connecting regularly to Source. None of his students did.

That is the story of most spiritual teachers that connect. They attract the hungry, the seeker, but they don’t teach them how to connect to get their own knowledge because they don’t KNOW how to connect.

Gurjieff was no exception. He didn’t even suggest that people connect. He didn’t know he was connected. He just taught what he “knew” from Source.

His students, like James J. Traitz repeat it. I am not saying what they say is not accurate: my knowledge of the work nowadays is non-existent, apart from the one youtube video I watched.

My problem is that they are speaking from learned knowledge, not from connection.

Unfortunately all the knowledge in the world doesn’t make a lick of difference: it doesn’t effect your history and ego levels of existence and therefore they don’t change anything.

Gurjieff vibrated at 580
Mr. Traitz vibrates at 270
teaching: 630
truth value: 765

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3 Replies to “Vibrational Review: Gurjieff et. al.”

  1. This is fascinating. Sophie, what kind of information do you get regarding one of Gurdjieff's contemporaries, Paramahansa Yogananda? I've found Yogananda's writings so uplifting and I wondered what vibrational level he spoke from, and about his lineage carriers, such as Swami Kriyananda. How beneficial a technology to connecting to God do you think the Kriya Yoga path is?


  2. Thank you for this one! I’m getting more into your blog as the time goes by, although I’ve landed here at random and didn’t think I’d stay for a long time… There’s something in here that draws me back. And the site’s persistent CAPTCHA taught me how to search through the site .



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