Vibrational Review: The Avatar Course of Harry Palmer

harry palmer the avatar course Vibrational Review The Avatar Course of Harry Palmer and Star’s Edge International

An outgrowth of the Church of Scientology.

Harry Palmer’s vibration today is 295, before the Planetary Activation, First Phase, his vibration was 250.

He has never connected to Source, so all that he teaches is Tree of Knowledge stuff, (not that I have seen any of it, it is just because no Tree of Life knowledge comes without connecting to its source… ) His programs attract people who vibrate around 150, the vibration of anger. Of course it is just the majority of his crowd. People who want to belong. Participants idolize Harry Palmer.

Here is what I found after a few minutes of search: I don’t think this program deserves more of my time, or yours:

He’s created and ran these programs for his own enrichment on these low vibrational levels.

It is run like a cult, it makes promises that it is a replacement of therapy, takes ill people, and suggest that they can stop taking medications.

The courses are highly cultish, and progressively expensive.

Teach violation of the rules of Free Will and Free Agency.

My feeling is that this program lowers your vibration, enslaves you, and you should avoid it at all cost. ((I watched one of the major exercises from the course, compassion. It doesn’t change a thing in the world, though while someone is doing it, they may feel moved by their own magnificence given by the words. But nothing changes inside, only the mood in the moment. And the amount of pretense people have to cover up. Inauthenticity is taught, cheesy stuff. My opinion.))

4 Replies to “Vibrational Review: The Avatar Course of Harry Palmer”

  1. So, no big difference from the Church of Scientology? I get goosebumps from all these cults and their leaders (although I should be attracted to this particular cult – anger vibration)!


  2. No, you are not wrong at all. I'm not attracted to them – NO WAY!!! No idolatry It was sarcastic because I am coping with lot of anger in the last few years.


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