Case Study: Modality by Story Waters

We don’t know the name of the young guy who is teaching these classes and made these videos…

story waters awakening freedom consciousness Though I don’t know his name I know a few things about him: He tunes into the complicated world of the “light workers” and seekers, 4th Plane…

personal vibration: 299
teachings: 185
truth value: 210

When I muscle test, he connects to the Seventh Plane and the Creator of That Is.

Unfortunately he is not an incarnate being, and he didn’t have to overcome most of the things you and I have gathered lifetime after lifetime. ((I actually don’t know what I am talking about… lol. I ask Source: Is he an incarnate being? and the answer is No. Same with Inelia))

I personally can’t follow his complicated and woo-woo words, but it is my personal failings. Going on a visual and auditory journey with him may cause an few minutes of reverie, but will not result in my ascension: he doesn’t connect you, he doesn’t even connect me.

Brain and eye candy. Keeping up with the fashionable and accepted. Will not do anything for you worth a dime.

2 Replies to “Case Study: Modality by Story Waters”

  1. Are you speaking about Story himself? That is his name: Story Waters. He’s spoken before about how his physical body was born to someone called Ben. Ben committed suicide, and Story “walked in.” That may be why you percieve him as a non incarnated being, but he’s very much human right now, lol. He lives in Brighton, UK. You can contact him via his web site at If his videos are too “woo woo” for you, try reading his book, “You are God, Get Over It.” It is easier to assimilate and integrate.
    Curious when you muscle test, what is your scale based upon?


    1. I am using the map of consciousness developed by dr. David Hawkins. It is not accurate in its interpretation, but that is MY AGREEMENT WITH SOURCE, that the numbers follow the logarithmic scale of the map of consciousness.

      Story may be a walk-in, but as a spiritual teacher he is not much.

      Your vibration is 250, by the way


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