Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke Of Insight, Or The Hemispheres of the Brain Is The Cornerstone Of Peace?

the two hemispheres of the brain Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke Of Insight, Or The Brain Is The Cornerstone Of Peace

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What is the term for the passages between the two hemispheres of the brain? Anyone knows?

I have been trying to find out what is the proper word to use when I am talking about the two sides of the brain working together… what are those circuits that light up when you actually “be” as a full-brain individual, where your whole brain participates in your life at the same time, and you have your analytical capabilities and your “intuitive” capabilities informing your actions and your feelings at the same time, not either one or the other.

In my search I was lead to this brain researcher’s speech on TED

I remember seeing that video once before, and I remember feeling that it was hokey… but at the time I didn’t know why.

Can I say today? Let’s see if I can succeed… though the audience ate it up, and I am risking (as usual) to be very unpopular.

Let me start with its conclusion, which is the biggest b.s. I have heard in a long time.

Our scientist asks if you are going to be willing to think and live with your right (intuitive) brain so we can save the planet.

Oh dear, let me tell you something: even though she had experienced having that hemisphere the only functional part of her brain, she can’t even choose today… what the heck does she expect of someone who never even had the experience?

It is not so easy to choose. Especially on the “normal” vibrational level, which is in her case is under 200…

Which means, choosing is not in your power, and even with serious amounts of meditation it is not likely that it will be in your power.

To put together a catchy brain-deadening speech like that is all left brain… with theatrical moves, crying at the right time, and that is all left brain.

Are we screwed? you ask astutely. We are, and we aren’t, I answer cryptically.

Given the ongoing activation of your Original Design, the whatever they are called (lol) potential connections between the two parts of your brain are either already lit up, or they will, soon.

And then both brain will participate, like a dance where who leads is not predetermined. It will be graceful, it will be beautiful, and it will be alternating between the two perspectives of the two brains: be one with everyone, and be distinct and with boundaries with the other. In such a way that life will be seamless… the boundaries of work and play, rest and activity, will blur… and all of life will feel more like play.

At least that is what I am experiencing. And whether those connections are called syntaxes, synapses, or axonal fibers… who cares if they are activated, if they work, if you are no longer imprisoned in just one way to see the world… and can enjoy a quiet mind, cooperation, and fun and play?

And here is a little good reading for you on the two hemispheres of the brain


uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
can comprehend
order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies


uses feeling
“big picture” oriented
imagination rules
symbols and images
present and future
philosophy & religion
can “get it” (i.e. meaning)
spatial perception
knows object function
fantasy based
presents possibilities
risk taking

The two hemispheres of the brain will start working TOGETHER to make you brilliant, intelligent (emotionally too!) once your activation is complete!