Vibrational Review: The Healing Codes

Dr Alex Loyd and the healing codes Vibrational Review 1/12/2012

The methodology: 490
the hc package: 600
the company: 195
truth value: 190. Why is it so low? Because

  1. the method doesn’t work unless you are connected to Source AND do your soul correction work… most people I know can’t or won’t do either.
  2. it is not the hand connections, not the order of the hand positions (code) that make it work when it works. Instead it is the connection to Source and the unspoken request that make it work
  3. it disconnects you further from Source and puts a methodology between you two

A few years ago I found myself attracted to a healing modality, the Healing Codes. I heard the testimonial about the little boy healed from Leukemia.

It had relevance to me: I was worried about an angry red pulsating mole-like growth on my arm. Going to a doctor was out of the question, dying didn’t appeal to me, so I chose instead to attempt some self-healing.

According the the Healing Codes manual, skin issues are all joy related issues, the lack of joy, that is.

I wasn’t surprised, joy was an unknown sentiment to me at the time, as were most of the positive feelings.

The Healing Codes is an innocent looking, simple to use method with varying results.

I was at a worldwide Kabbalah gathering. 3000 people were connecting to Source at the same time. While on breaks, I used the Joy code and the darn thing shrunk then fell of my arm leaving a white footprint.

But no other discomfort or disease has gotten better from continuing use. Obviously I wasn’t connecting while I was doing the Codes.

I believe, that when taught how YOU can connect directly to the Creator while using the “codes” that may be the secret sauce.

Alex Loyd, the originator vibrates at 520, his program vibrates at 575. The Healing Codes LT3 vibrates at 600.

If the context in which people do the code were shifted, its vibration would probably rise to about 600.

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