Case Study #5: The Kabbalah Centre

In this article I intend to show that all man-made disciplines separate you from the Creator. This is true for Kabbalah as well. Though I love Kabbalah, and can thank a lot to it… if delivers itself as a go-between, that reduces the risk of the Original Design.
kabbalah red string Seven years ago, right after my incident with the free holosync cd, my friend Nancy called me to join her at Barnes and Noble.

When Nancy calls I jump. She has never driven me astray.

Turned out she found a book, The 72 Names Of God, that I found fascinating. I went home and ordered it online, and checked out the Kabbalah Centre’s website.

Later that week an Israeli guy with heavy accent called me from the Centre and suggested that I buy the 23 volume book, The Zohar, for what it can do to me: protect me from harm.

I ordered the book in payments, remember I was still not working because of my brain damage.

When it came to my mail box, I put the big box in the trunk of my car. 10 minutes later a semi trailer lot its control of the brakes and was slipping back on a steep street threatening my car and myself with almost certain injuries. An inch from my car finally it stopped.

23 volumes of the holy Zohar in both Arameic and English I decided that it was the Zohar that saved me and my car. And I started to study in earnest Kabbalah through a student support person. I called them my teacher, but in fact they were student support

The main teaching of the Centre is to connect to the Light through the Zohar and the 72 names of God. The Zohar is a channel that can connect you.

I never felt that I connected to anything with either, and I was disappointed.

The other teaching is that you were born this lifetime to correct one major error of your ways, in my case tame my ego. I like that, and I have found that very useful in my development.

One day my “teacher” suggested that the Light is always there, and all I need to do is want to connect to it, and then I can connect. Several times a day.

I found that amazing. I noticed, that the moment I felt that I wasn’t connected, and wanted to be, I was immediately connected.

I started to use playing computer games, namely Freecell to practice connecting and staying connected, and allowing the Light to move my hand with the mouse as a way of taming my ego.

Superhuman effort, I must tell you. But it’s been a great practice that has resulted in an ongoing two-way communication between myself and the Light… and the development of this new technology for the activation of the hidden circuits and capacities of people, to prepare them for the next 1,000 years.

The vibration of Kabbalah, as a body of knowledge, is around 625. The practice and teaching of Kabbalah has been turned into a lower vibration, popularized movement, where practices of Judaism, connecting through intermediary, rituals, dogmas, rules are in the forefront.

It is obvious to me that when one obeys rules, then one connects to the rules, and does not connect to the Light.

Connecting to the Light transcends rules (all man-made, even the ones in the Bible!) The Creator is not making rules: obeying rules is the thoughtless obedience of the masses. Of the herd. Of the mentally slothful.

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