Vibrational Review: Neale Donald Walsch and his Connect To God teleseminar Series

neale donald walsch connect to god teleseminar series If you want to raise your vibration (raise your vibrational frequency) any modality under 500 is a poor choice. This includes religion, etc. Everything. Under 500… won’t raise your vibration. Under 500 everything is Tree of Knowledge: disconnected from Source

Vibrational Review:
Neil Donald Walsch: 225,
what he teaches: 200
truth value: 195

Eckhard Tolle: 420.
what he teaches: 300
truth value: 230

Debbie Ford: 280
what she teaches: 250
truth value: 250

Neile Donald Walsch…I went on his sales pitch teleseminar last night. 35,000 people registered. It was free.

Walsch had an epiphany some 15 years ago, maybe more, and started to ask questions, and pay attention to the answers.

He wrote numerous, over 10, books, and he is considered a high-priced spiritual teacher.

I listened to his long (too much talk!) lecture and could not follow him. I have spoken with another friend of mine who fell asleep during the presentation.

I have doubts about people who suddenly can connect to Source. Especially if they connected at a time when they desperately needed help.

When you need help because you are in trouble, then it is hard to observe yourself and suffer at the same time.

I call this: they went through a mystical experience with their eyes closed.

Later on they spend their entire life finding explanations to what happened, mostly not being able to repeat it.

It is like being struck by lightening: you can go back to the same place, the chances of lightening striking you again are slim.

Where do I draw my conclusions from? How do I know?

I do a simple thing: I measure people’s vibration.

Neil Donald Walsch: 225, Eckhard Tolle: 420. Debbie Ford: 280

None of these numbers represent a frequent, habitual connection to Source.

Of course, the same numbers for someone who isn’t in the business of raising other people’s vibration, is very very very respectable.

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