How to measure vibration? How to measure consciousness? how to measure your vibrational frequency

It is good to know where you are at. With all the pretending, with all the charts, you probably overestimate or underestimate your vibration, your “vibrational frequency”.

To measure another person’s vibration,

  • you need to be energetically connected to that person (an empath capacity), or touch them…
  • your vibration needs to be above 200… and even there,
  • you need to be connected to Source,
  • you need to be outside of your ego, to do that… to muscle test the other person’s vibration.

I can measure nearly everything about you once I am connected to you. Your vibration, your health, your cell-hydration, your attitude towards feedback, and how much of what you hold true matches reality… What and how you should eat… What supplements you should take… The only thing that cannot be muscle tested is the future…

My vibration is above 900, I am completely outside of my ego, so I trust my measurements. I share my story of how I went from a vibration of 35 to 185 to 295 to ultimately above 900 in about 50 years… I am 90 now.

People’s lives, emotional state, achievements, relationships prove that my measurements are accurate, not only their actual feedback, of which I have a ton.

It’s not only how you feel about yourself, but what you can do with your life that testifies and proves your vibration.

I can measure your vibration for $15 or more. I will email you the number, and my experience of you while I was measuring your vibration.

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Feelings, emotions… if you could just feel better! How to increase your emotional intelligence?

We talk about feelings and emotions as if they were the same…

But they aren’t… And like with everything, on the current level of humanity we have a really hard time holding it together, and even hope for a life that is bearable.

But with knowledge can come power… and that is what I am offering in this article. ((I read some of Aristotle’s stuff. Honestly, I was just looking for his stuff on logic… reasoning, but what i found is his writing on the human body.

I had no idea, and had never given a thought about what people thought about how our bodies work thousands of years ago.

I was stunned. They thought the heart was the brain. That breathing was the soul… or the spirit… In Hungarian the words still reflect this level of truth value… less than 1%.

So suddenly it made sense to me how little we know, and how sure we are in our knowledge… wrongly.

The current level of knowledge, truth value, is 7%. Pitifully low. And we think we know everything. We live like we know everything. And the 7% is the level of scientists! Your level is still in the stone ages! yuk.))

Self-actualization, self-realization means: becoming the best you.

And the definition of good (according to Robert Hartman) is: that which fulfills completely its purpose.
One main area of life where we have been living in a dense fog is feelings.

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Why you are not confident… Why you don’t trust yourself… Why you aren’t happy…

I watch, I observe people’s behavior and the emotions that go with it.

Unless I can see what you did, your emotions and much of your behavior don’t make sense.

And occasionally I get the opportunity to see both the actions and the emotions…

The most frequent behavior is you acting without looking.
Much like a drunk jumps into an empty pool… expecting it to be full.

You buy something. You are on the payment page. You assume you know what’s there… you are not looking. You don’t even suspect that you are singing up to a monthly program as well… and that you need to “un-tick” that if you don’t want it.

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Stop Wanting and Start Having…

Everyone wants stuff, it seems we live in the age of wanting. Strong wanting. Desperate wanting. All consuming wanting. ((The entire paradigm of manifesting and law of attraction paradigm uses it to make money for the “teachers”, experts, writers, youtube broadcasters.


Billionaire Charlie Munger says: Everybody wants the good life but not everybody gets the good life. “To get what you want, you have to deserve (earn!) what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.”

And deserving is being at the right place at the right time with the right attitude, doing the things that earns the stuff you want. Health, wealth, love, and happiness.
Earning it.
If I asked you what you do to earn what you want, you would say “nothing,” or you would say “I do this and that.”

…and when I ask you: how much of this and that do you do, timewise? we would find out that mostly you just think about it. Fantasize about it.

I remember as a child I fantasized a lot about how I was going to spend the million bucks I win on the lottery. My brother is not a child (he is 65) but he still does exactly that…

For years I supported him and his family, financially, and he never appreciated it. Why? Not because he is a bad person, and he may be a bad person… My contribution paled in comparison to the millions he fantasized about.

He wanted millions, and he was unhappy with my meager contribution to him… like 90% of humanity. 90% in the same trap. The technical term for that wanting is “the desire trap”.
We live in an age of wanting, we live in the age of the Desire Trap.
You don’t even know what you would have to do, how much and with what attitude to actually earn what you want. Your wanting is just that… a gnawing dissatisfaction, with zero foundation in reality.

Life can be lived on two distinct planes (paradigms), the horizontal plane and the vertical plane.

Wanting keeps you squarely on the horizontal plane, the Valley of The Shadow of Death… every day you get one day closer to death, you are in a hurry, to avoid death, to avoid pain, to avoid discomfort, to avoid getting older.
You even do spirituality on the horizontal plane. You act how you think spirituality is… or should be.
Here is an email showing what I mean:
I see Orbs with me all the time, my outdoor cameras capture amazing Light Beings, since April I am able to feel the vibration from crystals and before that I feel vibrations from trees, especially if they are really old. At times I can feel their emotions. Wild cats come to me especially when I am sad or vibrating high.
Or your health:
I am very healthy and do not contract cold/flu. I’ve been sick once in the last few years. My skin is glowing. My hair lustrous. My skin on my body very soft to the touch. I am 42 but look much younger. I’m lean and fit. My body does not look it’s age or even close to my age

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Can you achieve perfection? Can you always do the right thing? Is there such a thing as perfect integrity? Can you have 100% truth value?

As you may know, I live by principles, here is one of the principles… more to come in this article:
It is hard to be silently brilliant: lots of thoughts occur when you open your mouth.
But not all thoughts that occur are brilliant… not in a person who isn’t opening his mouth… ((in the cave of your mind everything feels like a brilliant idea. Or looking at it another way: I had two boy friends who were alcoholics. They both fancied themselves profound and brilliant when they were drunk… lol.)) or who are saying the same things over and over again.

Things not worth thinking are also things not worth saying but you don’t know that until you hear the echo. ((This also includes writing that is published… Unfortunately thousands upon thousands of author wannabes, second handers publish crap, but that is another issue entirely. Just like my old van-mates talk and talk and talk about things not worth saying, these wannabes do that in writing…))

What happens when you speak?

Humans didn’t quite become humans until they had something to say. But speaking doesn’t make someone human: having something worth to say does.
70% of humanity, more than five billions people have nothing worth to say.

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Overconfidence… do you screw up because of it? Or the opposite? lol

My soul correction is “Forget Thyself”.

One aspect of this soul correction is overconfidence. I have to invent tricks to counter it, but, from time to time, it creates hell in my life… like right now.

You know I have been working on this human biting mites, or said in another way: microscopic mites that bite humans, live on and in humans, torture humans; avoid detection, so doctors don’t know about them, blame chemicals, viruses, allergies, infections, etc. to cover up that they have no idea.

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No amount of paint will paint ugly beautiful

A lot of people have bad skin. Acne, rashes, moles, cellulites… uglies. I put cellulite into this category.

The fixit mentality, the mindset where you don’t go beyond first base is making people rich. Not you, mind you, people who are willing to sell you s-h-i-t, that you don’t need. You don’t need it because it won’t work.

Cosmetics. Washes. Cleanses. Supplements. Shower filters. Alkaline water. Makeup.

Why Sophie, what is wrong with those?

Probably nothing. But…

You can’t paint ugly beautiful.

Your inner ugliness is showing on your skin.

Why? How?

The skin is our largest elimination organ. Your body first uses the kidney, then your poop, and if all those are full, then it will push stuff out through your skin.

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Come from your strengths… Know Thyself… they say… But there are two approaches to self-actualization with dramatically different outcomes

Self-actualization is the process of becoming all you can become.

Who is to argue that ultimately that is what we all need! ((There are two non-physical needs, according to Margoczi in the Feelings book.

The need to fulfill others’ expectations of us, and
the need to fulfill our own expectations of ourselves.

According to my observations, most of us confuse the two, collapse the two. We do not have any expectations of ourselves to become a millionaire, a billionaire, a president, or even pretty, or have six-pack abs. Our expectations of ourselves is to evolve ourselves to the level we can with what we have going for us.
The self that wants to fulfill our own expectation in ourselves is our real self.
The other self, the precious “I” self is the self that wants to fulfill others’ expectations of us. Societal norms, cultural norms, cultural hype. The should’s. The have to’s. The need to’s. The wanting to’s… The not self. The self that is greedy, chasing mirages. The self that is always afraid. The self that is never happy.))
Or if we want to go deeper, that need to self-actualization aka BEING is our soul’s desire… while our ego wants to own, to have and to control the environment, others.
So soul wants you to be… happy, fulfilled, vibrant… and the ego suggests that the path to happiness etc. leads through possession, aka control. ((

For now, I’ll leave that second way alone… even though I know that no amount of having, and no amount of doing will get to being…))
The nature of reality is that everything comes from a root cause… and that is being….

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Give up liberties so you can have true freedom… or how fighting the strings on your puppet self create a life of unhappiness

Do you ever wonder why in spite of all your good qualities, nice acts, maybe even achievements, your vibration is low, maybe even very low?

Everyone hopes that their good acts redeem bad acts, but when we look at vibration: this is not what we find.

You cannot and should not ignore how reality works… so let’s look.

Your vibration is almost always lower than you think.

I have started to watch TV shows on the computer recently again, after months of just reading.

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Floundering? Can’t seem to get from A to B? Don’t know why nothing seems to work?

Maybe you feel clueless? Maybe you feel left behind?

Here is MY clueless story…

I have been asking questions more than normal.

In the past seven years, my site’s readership WAS steadily growing… until a month or two ago when it dropped to approximately half of what it was at that point.

It didn’t, or better English, hasn’t effected my income, but it looked troubling enough to start asking questions.

The pull to ask why questions is tremendous… Why me, why now, why people don’t like me?

Meh… But what other questions can I ask?

Now, that is a really useful question: what other questions can I ask?

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