How to measure vibration? How to measure consciousness? how to measure your vibrational frequency

It is good to know where you are at. With all the pretending, with all the charts, you probably overestimate or underestimate your vibration, your “vibrational frequency”.

To measure another person’s vibration,

  • you need to be energetically connected to that person (an empath capacity), or touch them…
  • your vibration needs to be above 200… and even there,
  • you need to be connected to Source,
  • you need to be outside of your ego, to do that… to muscle test the other person’s vibration.

I can measure nearly everything about you once I am connected to you. Your vibration, your health, your cell-hydration, your attitude towards feedback, and how much of what you hold true matches reality… What and how you should eat… What supplements you should take… The only thing that cannot be muscle tested is the future…

My vibration is above 900, I am completely outside of my ego, so I trust my measurements. I share my story of how I went from a vibration of 35 to 185 to 295 to ultimately above 900 in about 50 years… I am 90 now.

People’s lives, emotional state, achievements, relationships prove that my measurements are accurate, not only their actual feedback, of which I have a ton.

It’s not only how you feel about yourself, but what you can do with your life that testifies and proves your vibration.

I can measure your vibration for $15 or more. I will email you the number, and my experience of you while I was measuring your vibration.

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The capacity of ‘The Sight’… that gives people like Warren Buffet the edge

Some weeks are like this: I do something, see something, write about something important, and on Monday Roy Williams’ Monday Morning Memo echoes it.

This is the case this week… You know when you manage to do something whose time has come? Gratifying, rewarding, like the Universe nods in your direction.

Roy Williams, the Wizard of Ads, has the capacity of The Sight open. But just like me, he doesn’t know it’s a capacity, he doesn’t know it’s DNA, he thinks everyone has it… And most of what he writes delights the people with sight, and eludes the people with the capacity of The Sight still closed.

His article about the Elbs, the Exponential Little Bits of change will make no difference for you or your actions unless you have your DNA capacity of seeing the consequences of your actions opened… or open. You know that something makes no difference when you nod and keep on reading… or when you don’t even nod… lol.

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Muddling through

There are many ways to get things done. My way is to muddle through it.

By the way, according to muscle test, this is the way 70% of humanity can get things done… if they can break through the barrier I am experiencing now.

I don’t do well with planning and working my plan… Why? I think a wheel has dropped somewhere from my four wheel drive… I can’t do it.

I have tried. The moment there is a plan, I become stilted, and all creativity, all inspiration. all my connection to Source and the beyond go out the window, and I am remaining: bored, stiff, and boring.

I am 72 years old. I have had four, maybe five businesses if you count my years being a massage therapist, countless projects, and my only way to be having a good time is when I am muddling through.

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Are you stuck? What IS stuck?

What is stuck? Here are 15 ways of being stuck…

1. stuck is when you can only see one way forward and you don’t like what you see
2. stuck is when you have too many options and you are paralyzed by choice
3. stuck is when you know what you want to do but can’t get started
4. stuck is when you don’t know what to do and don’t know where to begin
5. stuck is when you know things aren’t working and can’t step back to see why
6. stuck is when you are doing something but not what really needs to be done
7. stuck is when you know what needs to be done but you lose your nerve
8. stuck is when you make a start but get lost along the way
9. stuck is when you are waiting to be rescued and your superhero isn’t going to show up

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Whole and complete… and neediness

I just had an insight. I saw something I had never seen, even though it was right in front of my eyes.

The source of neediness.

First let’s look at what is a need and what is not…

We need food and shelter and clothes to cover our need. We may need a community, and air and water. Not much more.

Margoczi says we also need to fulfill our own expectations of ourselves and other people’s expectations of us… Maybe. I am not sure. Maybe to the extent that we can carry our own weight… but not more.

But there are certain things we, as children, thought we should have gotten, and we didn’t, and now we pursue it, relentlessly, at our own detriment.

What kind of things?

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In life you get what you get. Want more? Negotiate for more

A child is self-referential, self-centered, considers everything persona, and sees everything through this vantage point: everything is because of me, about me, for me…

By age three the child is able to see that some things are not related to him, some things have nothing to do with them.

And by now, that you are reading this article, it would be a sign of maturity, a sign that you grew up, if you take nothing personally.

But you do, don’t you. And it makes you miserable, reactive, and ineffective in life.

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What Causes Weather Extremes That Kill People? Floods, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Draught?

Why didn’t the world end like the Mayan predicted?

The Universe is not exactly a cause and effect phenomenon, it is too complex to detect causality in it. From the limited perspective of the human mind, no causality can be detected… it looks random and capricious.

Humans always wanted to reduce the risk that Life is, always wanted to understand how it works, always wanted to reduce Life to a formula. This is what gave rise to religions.

Religion, organized religion, puts you in the cause and effect mindset. They are doing it to control you, to control your behavior. It puts you in a false sense of security: you are doing the right things, so only good things can come out of it…

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We are all at the mercy of cancer… old age, etc. eventually

I want to ‘muse’ about cancer a little bit more… not because it is my or anyone’s favorite topic, but because we are all at the mercy of cancer.

I will only say what I actually KNOW, I am not repeating anything I haven’t seen, experienced, checked with Source.

So this will be a really short article… And I know I am going to make a lot of people angry… So be it…

The question is not what causes cancer… cancer isn’t caused by anything, cancer is ever present in the body. Cancer cells are born all the time.
Cancer isn’t caused by anything
The problem begins when the cancers cells are not removed by the immune system. When your immune system is sluggish, or too busy working on some other issue that you caused, the cancer cells behave like mice when the cat is busy. Proliferate.

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The illusion of smarts, the illusion of understanding. The pretense to know… and cancer

That’s me on the picture, 20 years ago… Waiting to get wet on the USA side of Niagara Falls… A perfect example of becoming… Scared, anticipating, not knowing what is going to happen.

We, humans, negotiate our way in life… with circumstances, schedules, things, and other people. From cradle to grave… we could say, that is life… negotiating every step, winning some and losing some.

But here is the thing: the rules are not clear, not clean, and not overt.

You cannot be sure what constitutes winning, and what constitutes losing a step… in fact, most steps: you have no idea.

But, as society, as a race, we have trained ourselves to pretend: to look as if we knew… maybe even feel as if we knew.

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The human body is not one size fits all, not even most

I first had this thought in the title when I read the book: Eat right for your type, some 24 years ago. That is when after 20 years of being slim, suddenly I grew¬† four sizes… and became a whale. The blood type diet didn’t make me slim… but the germ of the idea that we are not all the same inside took root in me.

My next time to get this idea to strengthen was the ‘eating styles’ I got from the Human Design Institute. It didn’t make me slim, but it made me have a lot more energy than I had before, and a whole lot less of indigestion.

And lastly, when about 10 years after that I connected to Source, or whatever you want to call what I am connecting to, and started my conversations with it, through muscle testing, I started to see the tremendous differences inside people, the differences that don’t clearly show on their outside, or even in their attitudes.

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The pull and push system of growth… How inspiration is proving to be stronger

I have been ‘playing’ this self-improvement, self-development game for 35 years. It germinated and grew into a full ‘tree’ in me, while in others it remained stunted, or maybe even died.

What was the difference between those others and myself?

The main difference was, I thought, is that I saw going up incredibly inspiring, while others focused on protecting their egos. We call it precious ‘I’ in my work.

I had a precious ‘I’ too, but I could see that what it had given me is grief, so I was willing to think and do things that offended or scared my precious ‘I’, because what I saw was available was inspiring enough for me to do so.

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