How to measure vibration? How to measure consciousness? how to measure your vibrational frequency

It is good to know where you are at. With all the pretending, with all the charts, you probably overestimate or underestimate your vibration, your “vibrational frequency”.

To measure another person’s vibration,

  • you need to be energetically connected to that person (an empath capacity), or touch them…
  • your vibration needs to be above 200… and even there,
  • you need to be connected to Source,
  • you need to be outside of your ego, to do that… to muscle test the other person’s vibration.

I can measure nearly everything about you once I am connected to you. Your vibration, your health, your cell-hydration, your attitude towards feedback, and how much of what you hold true matches reality… What and how you should eat… What supplements you should take… The only thing that cannot be muscle tested is the future…

My vibration is above 900, I am completely outside of my ego, so I trust my measurements. I share my story of how I went from a vibration of 35 to 185 to 295 to ultimately above 900 in about 50 years… I am 90 now.

People’s lives, emotional state, achievements, relationships prove that my measurements are accurate, not only their actual feedback, of which I have a ton.

It’s not only how you feel about yourself, but what you can do with your life that testifies and proves your vibration.

I can measure your vibration for $15 or more. I will email you the number, and my experience of you while I was measuring your vibration.

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How does The Sight capacity raise your emotional intelligence?

One of my principles is from the TV ad for the HairClub for Men.

The man talking says, I paraphrase: I so much liked the company that I bought it. I am not only the owner, I am also a client.

I am also not just the teacher but also the student. Not just the owner but also a client.

And, of course, when you are a student, as your status, and use what you are given, recently The Sight, and the Whole Brain Method, you get insights, results, ideas that stun you… Well, they stunned me.

There is a lot of talk about emotional intelligence, the keyword and some images bring a lot of people to my site. They all leave without ever buying anything, ever really learning anything.

Emotional intelligence is rare. It involves looking… and nearly 100% of humanity isn’t looking.

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Holidays, long weekends lower your vibration. Why?

Your vibration tends to harmonize with the people’s who you spend time with.

This is especially noticeable around holidays when people tend to get together to spend time with family, friends who just want to have fun, or just eat and be done with it, or go and go and go…

All low vibration activities that force you to lower your standards, and give up all you have gained through your work on yourself.

This is how the crab bucket works… all those people are in the crab bucket … wasting their lives.

The more weekends, the more holidays you spend with people, the more obvious this becomes.

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Do you see more every day? Or you see the same old same old?

Philosopher Miguel de Unamuno declared, “Everything that exalts and expands consciousness is good, while that which depresses and diminishes it is evil.” This idea will be intensely true for and applicable to you in the coming weeks. It will be your sacred duty—both to yourself and to those you care about—to enlarge your understanding of how the world works and to push your awareness to become more inclusive and empathic. What’s your vision of paradise-on-earth? Now is a good time to have fun imagining it.
I have started my Whole-Brain Training program.

I am starting with the mallet and the ball… but I am also taking more notes with cursive, and pay attention to, control my hand, so it is at least more legible.

I never had a pretty handwriting, but it was legible while I took notes until about five years ago, when I stopped going to seminars. So I find it hard to control my hand… interesting.

The rubber mallet and golf ball exercise is even harder.

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The inelegant success, going down the rapids of Life

As a Virgo and as a soul correction ‘Forget Thyself’ there has been one pattern that has and still holds me back for decades: I’ve wanted things to be neat, elegant, fast… and I’ve had very little room for messy, inelegant, and slow.

Neat, elegant and fast are against Nature, against Life. Nature, Life are neither neat, nor elegant, and when it’s fast… it’s always a tragedy of some sort, like a volcanic eruption or a tsunami, not what you pray for.


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Your ignorance in the area of health and fitness… What is killing you?

I have a simple, cheap, and accurate report you can order… and I’ll be able to tell you some 20 health measures… and also where your problems are coming from.

Lately I have a slew of people with cancer of all kinds asking for this report.

The first in the causes that I have been not checking, is your way of thinking… and that has been a mistake… even if checking it would be unclear for most people who read their report.

How you think, what you pay attention to, what are your untested assumptions, what bs you believe if it is said by an authority or the TV or the press… will have more long lasting effects on your life, on your well-being, than most of the things you think will make you well.

If I wanted to be popular, I would write about your weight, your money, or your love life.

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Fear, arrogance, laziness… what is it about these that they stop you?

I am finding that what stops people from moving ahead in life is either fear or arrogance…

You could argue that laziness should be listed too, but I have found that laziness is a coverup for either fear or arrogance.

I get a lot of requests to help people eliminate fear, but I am sorry to tell you: I can’t and no one can.

But fear is not the problem, and it doesn’t need to be eliminated. I am afraid too, and you wouldn’t know from watching me.

It’s true, my hands get sweaty, my stomach gets into a knot, my heart is trying to jump out of my chest… but that does not stop me.

If and when I stop, I may blame it to fear, but it is not fear that is stopping you. You are stopping you.

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Are you dull… bored… boring? Too determined… Hellbent?

I woke up early this morning. I spent, it seems, the whole night with hair-raising dreams… so it was good to get up.

I came to my computer and posted some 45 podcast episodes from 2-3 years ago.

I listened to a few of them, and I was dumbfounded how much better I was back then, how many more things I had to talk about then… intelligently, interestingly, engagingly.

So I started to look what the heck changed that I am so much duller nowadays.

I realized that two years ago I had a few health issues that put me out of commission, or at least out of being able to walk.

Why does it matter?

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Are you growing or dying?

Would you agree that life is either boring… nothing is going on, or suddenly everything is going on?

And no matter whether it is boring or a lot going on… you remain the same… and nothing much gets done.

If you can’t waste your time shopping, because it is lockdown… you shop on the internet, for stuff, for excitement, for gossip… whatever… just to waste time.

It’s only the circumstances that change, you remain the constant, the same.

The same is the situation in relationships. You are the common denominator, and no matter how much you wish you could change, you don’t.

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Why do people cry? or why don’t they cry? want to know?

There is a physiological and survival cause for crying.

The tears contain minute quantities of pheromones, the happy chemicals, that ameliorate the pain, whether it is physical or emotional.

There are different kinds of crying… from pain, from anguish, from fear, from being moved, from love, from loss. And then there is the crying from anger, from frustration, and also the cry to manipulate. To get something. To make someone feel guilty.

Some crying is incredibly healthy. Healing. Helps staying sane.

Other types of crying are incredibly harmful: they anchor the emotion: resentment, anger, vengefulness, self-righteousness.

Although this second type of crying is not healthy.

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Everything and its opposite is true or a lie… oh my!

It’s hard to make sense of things… because everything seems to be true, and then the opposite seems to be true too.

This is especially true nowadays, in the year of Covid whatever it is, and the election year. Global warming, and rapidly approaching uncertainty about the economy, about the future, about our ability to make a living.

Is this a conspiracy to enslave humanity? Is this an accident? Is the virus manufactured and released? Are the face masks do anything worth doing? Should we worry, or should we look for the silver lining, and use the time as a way to become our best self?

If you were prepared like very few have been, this Covid thing can be, could be an opportunity… but very few ever does anything that prepares them for an opportunity.

And even the ones that could use these new circumstances as a springboard to go higher, don’t.

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